Monday, June 28, 2010

Scherer gives instead of asking voters for contributions

Ok, here over this weekend, "both myself and some of my campaign team have been giving the poor and some of the less fortunate some tickets to the drag races at Heartland Park July 2-3rd," Topeka, Kansas.  These tickets include pit passes.  They are worth 50 dollars each. We have literally given away almost 200 of these tickets.

Now that is 20 to Catholic Charties for the poor, Fair Market Value of 1000 dollars; and
Fifteen tickets to the Salvation Army for the poor, fair market value of 750 dollars; and
Ten tickets to Kansans for Life to raise funds for this non-profit organization, fair market value of 500 dollars; and

Twenty tickets to college students at JOCO Community College students, fair market value of 1000 dollars; and

Ten tickets to the Shawnee Community Center for Senior Citizens and the disabled, fair market value of 500 dollars.

Sure, Scherer could have used the money for those tickets to buy or raise more money for campaign signs, TV ads or radio announcements.

Instead, Mr. Scherer chose to give those tickets to the needy that need a break this 4th July weekend. Does that make Mr. Scherer and his staff a bunch of big dummies?  Or instead, does this kind of generosity make Scherer and his campaign staff great people that act to help others, making Scherer a great guy who cares about the poor and less fortunate; thereby deserving your vote for United States Congress?

We staffers think it is stuff like this, giving to others make Scherer a great guy deserving your vote both August 3rd and again on Nov. 2 when he becomes one of the best candidates for United States Congress.

No one can touch Mr. Scherer for doing stuff before the election to earn your vote.

No one.  Not Moore's wife or Yoder.  What did these two do to earn your vote?  We can't find anything.  Instead, all they do is ask you for your money.  Unlike Scherer.

Has Scherer asked you, his potential employer to give him your hard-earned money in order to the get the job of being your United States Congressman? 

Heck No.  Scherer does not believe he should be begging for your hard earned money so he can get a job being your congressman. We need to change campaign finance reform laws that prohibit campaign contributions. Campaign contributions lead to corruption and then later, earmarks that benefit contributors. No wonder some of these corrupt yahoo politicans like Yoder have so much money.  They have been bought by special interests for quid pro quo-this contribution for that vote.  Corruption. 

The election should be about who is the most qualified, who listens the best, who is the most knowledgable about the issues;  as well as being  a leader that has solutions to some of the issues we face collectively, as citizens of the United States.

Scherer will be at Heartland Friday night.  On Saturday, he plans to be invading Moore terrortity-Lenexa for the Pancake Feed and the Lenexa Parade.  We are expanding our efforts to talk to he voters of southern JOCO going forward.  We will also be campaigning in Douglas and WYCO again.  Scherer will do well and show get the most votes out of WY and DG counties.  Scherer is strong in these two counties as well.

 So, you can also meet Mr. Scherer at the three county Fairs.  So, if you want to meet Scherer, you will have plenty of opportunity shortly.  As always, Mr. Scherer's job is listening to his future employer, you the voter of the 3rd District. 

Be certain you tell Mr. Scherer what you want him to do as your United States Congressman! Mr. Scherer is listening.

Campaign staffer for Scherer for your Congressman.

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