Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crime and Justice in America

Sometimes it is not fun running for United States Congress.  This is serious business most of the time.

The horror stories I hear related to crime convinces us that our system of justice and our federal penal system are horrible.  We have too many people in jail for really silly reasons. We have fusion centers spying on Americans.  DHS considers US Veterans to be a domestic threat to our nation.  Our justice system is out of whack. Locally, people are arrested instead of being protected and served.  All is based on an economic engine. We have lost and need to regain the clause "individual liberty".

For example, if you drink one beer, and you are pulled over, you are going to jail.  If you smoke cigarettes, you can only do so in your own home.  Then, there are huge sin taxes on products the federal and state govt. does not want you to do.

If you smoke marijuana and the police find out, you are going to jail.  If your child is attending public school and throws a spitball, your child is going to jail. Federal prisoners file fake and file fraudulent tax returns and get huge refunds to spend at the federal pen commissary. US Senators do not care.

To which I say this is insanity.  Our justice system needs a major overhaul.  When we are throwing kids into jail for throwing a spitball, we have lost the concepts of individual liberty and clouded the the skies above us.

The federal government is suipposed to be narrow and limited.  Instead, we have a huge federal government trying to tell us what we can or cannot do in our homes.  Our justice system is corrupt and failing its duty.  We the people have to step forward and demand our justice system be restored as the founding fathers envisioned.

One solution is electing Scherer as your congressman. Scherer walks the talk.

Endnote: Scherer is attending a presentation on why our public education system has a 50% dropout rate.  This is equally horrible.  Do we really need the United States Dept. of Education?  I tend to agree with Ron Paul's logic..  The US Dept. of Education is a huge waste of bureaucracy and has failed to do their duty. Federal agencies are merely pushing paper around while failing to do their jobs of helping us, we the people.

We are in charge now.  We need to fix this also. Demand we restore our liberty while concurrently we shrink and restore the federal government to a narrow and limited purpose, as envisioned by our founding fathers.


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