Friday, June 18, 2010

Warning: Nazi-like activity in Prairie Village Kansas


The police and the city employees that did actually show up for work at Prairie Village City Hall are Nazi-like.  I went to this municipal city hall merely to get some of their local ordinances. I could not find one person that was elected to office. The Mayor was gone. The City Manager was gone.  The City Clerk was gone.  The Police Chief was gone. 

Where are they? And why are they still getting paid, if they are not working?

And those that were working were very rude.  So be wary if you are ever in Prairie Village, Kansas.  I am pretty certain this is the kind of city Hitler would be proud of.  And did those working give me a copy of the ordinances I requested?  Heck no. 

Now I have to send a request via certified mail, return receipt.  Why?  It is too dangerous to go to the city hall of Prairie Village, Kansas.  Especially be careful of  the nazi-like people that work for the city clerk; despite the city clerk not even being there.

Where are all these elected officials?  I wonder.

Maybe they are having a meeting at Hitler's home.  Call me if you see Hitler running around.  More than likely, he will be found to be living in Prairie Village, Kansas.

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