Friday, June 25, 2010

Good grief, Yoder abuses children

Quoting Snoopy from the book and tv shows by Charles Schultz, "good grief" Yoder. 

An astute person called me regarding that video made by Yoder.  Apparently, that is a staged video shoot. Apparently, Yoder is not a father at all.

Instead, it appears Yoder abused the children who allegedly are his niece and nephew. For his own personal gain to pretend like he is a "family man".  "Good grief Yoder" Charlie Brown said.

What you have done just might be a violation of Child labor laws that protect them from being abused by people like yourself, Yoder. 

It simply would not be fair to use children in an ad running through a field without first, getting their parents consent, and then paying the children money for being actors and actresses at the prevailing labor rate for children actors. 

"Good grief, Yoder" said Lucy. "Are you going to violate children's rights to privacy if you were elected to Congress, too?" she asked.  Who knows what scheme Yoder will do next? 

"With this embarressing act, I think I would withdraw from the congressional race." stated Linus.

Do the right thing Yoder.  Drop out. At least that would be the honorable thing to do.  And maybe if you are lucky, the JOCO DA will not prosecute you for violating child labor laws.

And never, ever abuse your niece and nephew again.  "My gosh" said Thomas Scherer.  "Or any other children you are not related to."

What a phoney.

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