Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I can beat Yoder's Corruption in the General-No More Moore has no chance

I can beat Yoder and all his corrupt contributions in the general election.  No more Moore has no chance of doing so.  So why should Dem voters waste their vote on one of Dennis Moore's wives in futility?

After I win this democratic primary, I am pretty certain the Dem Party will realize I represent their best opportunity to retake the 3rd District.  Having been in several parties, having studied all of the various parties in Kansas as a stateman instead of a being some kind of ""bought candidate" by the rich and powerful like Yoder.  Merely answer reason again to vote for Scherer for the Democratic Primary and General Election.

Lots of work to get done.  This includes hammer time on the head of the Moore or less-Head Larry Gates.  If Larry is now the official spokesman  for Stephene Moore, he should resign as the Kansas Executive Director as stated in the Kansas Democaratic Platform and Plank.  No bias should be demonstrated Larry.

The next media interview, make Stephene speak her own position-she is the candidate Larry.  What is the matter? Either she cannot speak the vocal language, she is too stupid to answer questions intelligently, or a combination of being stupid, uninformed and not having any courage to speak to the media. 

In closing, Larry Gates in my humble opinion should be fired for conning her to run for U S. Congress, when clearly she is going to be slaughtered by those of us far more experienced and qualifed.  Naturally, I am more qualified than all of them.  Remember, out of all candidates, I am doing stuff to earn your vote.  The filed candidates, what are they doing?  Waving at you from car during the parade?  Instead of talking to you, their boss?  Me, I walked among the crowd at the event in Mission and Old Mission Days.

Where were the rest of the yahoos?  Are they afraid to appear in public?  Or, or they too elitest unlike Mr. Scherer.  Mr. Scherer is not and does not want be any lousy elitest.  He is a human being just like you.  The only difference between you and Scherer is I was stupid enough to have tenacity to keep in the election, until elected to be a United States Congressman.


Your friend, also that actually is qualified to be a congress.

Remember, no more Moore.  Peace.

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