Monday, June 14, 2010

Just say no to Congressional Candidate Jim Barnett

A good friend of mine formerly from my home town, Atchison Kansas stated to me today that "there is no da nile river in Kansas or Egypt."  (A pun, for the word denial).

There is the Nile River in Egypt but the only denial in regard to Barnett's congressional campaign is admitting he thinks he has some right to kill people by prescribing medications to cause them to die like he did to Cindy Anonymous's grandmother.

Now Cindy Anonymous through her attorney has a filed a lawsuit against Jim Barnett.  To which the Emporia newspaper refuses to publish in their legal notices.  I called their editor.  He just laughed.  Why? 

Why would a paper like the Emporia Gazette refuse to publish this legal notice of a lawsuit filed against this doctor? The only rational reason is this newspaper must want Jim Barnett to be their congressman.  I do not want to have to do business with Jim Barnett, ever. 

I do not like doctors that are also Kansas senators who think they are God-like and try to kill the elderly. Nor do I support what some democrats call comparative medicine. This is really called doctors pick and choose who lives and dies.

I do not support comparative medicine infringing on health care rights of an individual.  Congressional candidates must keep their promise to abide by the United States Constitution and be life affirming. The right to life, liberty and happyness are promised in the United States Constitution to each and every citizen. 

There is no provision provided in the United States Constitution giving doctors like Jim Barnett a superior right to who lives and who dies.  Nor should there ever be a superior right of a doctor over your life, or that of your loved ones.

Back off and drop out Mr. Barnett.  You do not deserve to be a congressman or a medical doctor.  You lost that right when you tried to kill Mrs. Anonymous's grandmother.  Way to go.

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