Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Kansas Dem HQ are elite and refuse to tell voters I am a DEM candidate

I just called the Exec. Director of the Kansas Democratic Party.  These are the inside elitests causing so many democrats to lose elections.  They do not want to let their own voters have full disclosure as required by federal law and the freedom to choose whom is a better democratic candidate for United States Congress.  The other candidate, that Moore lady has very little in comparision to Mr. Scherer.

You would think the Kansas Democratic HQ would list all congressional candidates instead of just one; as required by Title 2 of the United States Code.  Now the Kansas GOP party just finished an audit of their books.  Now why would the Kansas Dem HQ people risk being in violation of Title 2?

Beats me.  They must be the elite that get to decide who is elected to United States Congress,  If they keep acting this way, they might as well just hand the  congressional seat to the GOP.  Here, I can beat the GOP candidate in the general election.  A wise person can clearly understand that.  Similarily, a wise person would wonder what the heck was the Dem leadership thinking by violating Title 2 of the United States Code.

If you want a democrat to win the 3rd Congressional seat for all, it might be worth your time to call them at the number below and ask why is Scherer omitted on their Dem HQ website. The executive leadership of the KS Democratic Party better start changing strategy soon, or there will not be any Democrats left to run for political office soon.  The first place I suggest the Democratic Party should take is get rid of Larry Gates.  While there is still time.

Call and demand Scherer is listed as a candidate on their web site, before the FEC starts an investigation for a violation of federal election laws.

Go to http://www.ksdp.org/.  Or call them and tell them to list Scherer as a congressional candidate.  As required by federal law.  Party HQ's should inform all democratics about all candidates; instead of just listing who Larry Gates likes.  That is the law of this nation. 

Here are the elites that are helping the GOP win so many elections:

Larry Gates, Chairman

Kenny Johnston (Kansas), Executive Director

Meaghan Leigh (Kansas), Director of Operations

Audé Negrete (Kansas),Field Director

Location :700 SW Jackson St., Suite 706

Topeka, KS

tdus, the better candidate for United States Congress

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