Friday, June 25, 2010

Scherer is dysfunctional. Just like you. He understands!

Are you dysfunctional, or come from a family that is.  If so, good. 

You are just like Mr. Scherer.  Sometimes, my relatives and family get on my nerves.  My mom is still telling what I should or should not do.  Come on mom, I am 56 years old.  My sister is a professor of Respiratory Therapy at Johnson County Community College.  She is always telling me to quit smoking-that smoking is dangerous.  Really, no duh--give me a break.  Then  . . .  well, I could go on and on about my dysfunctional family. 

So, if you, or your family are dysfunctional too, Scherer understands.  He comes from a dysfunctional family also.  And they are getting better at it as time progresses.

Now some of these other yahoo congressional candidates are perfect.  Just go to their web sites or watch their ads on TV.  Like Kevin Yoder.  He has the perfect family.  His family and children are not dysfunctional.  Congratulations on having children Kevin.  Most of us did not know you were a father.

But back to dysfunction.  Scherer is.  Scherer understands what it is like to be the unfavored son. The kid that got in trouble in grade school.  Now when in comes to elections, Scherer is not ranked No. 1 in having big corrupt dollars to buy an election like Kevin Yoder.  Kevin Yoder grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth.  His family is rich.

Scherer grew up in poverty.  No silver spoon in the Scherer household.  At supper, we had to share a spoon we were so poor. And it was plastic, not silver.  We drank kool-aid out of plastic cups. No fine crystal or china in the Scherer household.  So if you are like Mr. Scherer, and are dysfunctional too, or your family is, Scherer understands.  Scherer gets it.

 Scherer knows what it is like to live in poverty.  As a matter of fact, I might qualify right now.  I only have five dollars in the campaign.  Now big spender Yodeling Yoder is rich by comparison.  He invested 13 dollars in his own campaign.  So, he has invested more than twice what Scherer has in his campaign war chest.

However, Mr. Scherer does not care about money.  Mr. Scherer believes he can prevail and be elected Congressman without being corrupted like Yoder has been.  Why did all those CEO's and attorneys buy Kevin Yoder?  Was Yoder really worth buying? Can  Kevin say "quid pro quo".
I guess these CEO's and attorneys bought Yoder because he does not come from, or have a dysfunctional family.  He is unlike Scherer.

We think most people that are dysfunctional, like Mr. Scherer, will vote for Scherer because he gets it.  Scherer understands dysfunction.  Moreover, Scherer has some solutions to the issues facing our nation.  Does Yoder or Moore's wife? 

No one knows what these two yahoos will do if elected.  They do not want to discuss the issues.  And these two both refuse to debate Mr. Scherer on issues.  Why? Are they cowards and afraid to discuss issues?  We know Scherer is no coward, nor does he live his life in fear.

We think you should vote for Scherer.  Scherer is dysfunctional.  That means he will have compassion and understanding for the problems you face and will have solutions to some of them that will make America a better nation.

Vote for Scherer. He is dysfunctional. 

We are.

Scherer for Congress staff members, by a unanimous vote.

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