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Where is the box we are supposed to think outside of?

I remember that motivational saying from the early nineties-"think outside of the box".  Now I am finding myself wondering where is this box I was supposed to get outside of.  Or, was there even a box at all.  Why did I have to get out of it.  And finally, why was I in a box to begin with?  Could I have stayed in the box?  . 

OK, let us face some reality.

Our nation was founded when we declared our independence from the British July 4, 1776. We called that the Declaration of Independence. 

There were 13 colonies that formed and united the colonies into a new nation called the United States of America.  And the United States of America kept expanding until there were 50 states. First, all the top dogs decided to have Articles of Confederation.  Well, that did not work out so well.  So, our founding fathers decided to write that thing called the United States Constitution and get rid of the Articles of Confederation.

 Which puts us where we are, right now in 2010.  The time frame is now.

Now back during the Great Depression, things were really bad.   Kind of like the mess we find ourselves in right now.  So, let us get outside the box or this cylinder we are in since 1933.  We have had tunnel vision for far too long.  Too much reliance on a federal government to fix everything.   Maybe we were in a cone or a black hole. 

It does not matter what kind of container we were in.  What matters is what do we need to do now, today going forward.  To which I make the following suggestions:

Anyway, maybe we ought to get rid of some of these many governments and start forming new governments.  Except this time, let us not mess this up too bad.  Like we have been doing since the 1930's with FDR and his "progressive" ideas, that after less than 100 years, has made the federal government this huge beast that now wants to creep us further down the path of socialism. 

Now most of us do not want to live in socialism.  Instead, we want to live in a country that values the individual-not the government.  Today, what we have is government for the government.

Radical socialism.  Where the federal government is big brother and is trying to control everything clear to the local level. The federal government has taken over domestic auto production.  The federal government tells us what we are supposed to do in our own homes.  The federal government wants all of us to get health insurance the federal government controls.  The federal government rescues some banks with our tax dollars and tells us they (banks) are "too big to fail". 

Why did our federal government tell us that?  What is wrong in America?  Even more important, what is right, what is moral?  What should we do, as soon as possible?  Can anyone in America come up with a solution we can all agree is a better way going forward?

We are slowing losing our liberties and freedoms to some big political bureaucracy. And now that our economy is a huge mess, you know the government wants to take all our money.  And if we let them, boy are we dumb. Remember what Karl Marx predicted what would happen in a country run by capitalism? Was Karl Marx right, after all?  Frankly, I don't remember. 

All of these things reminds of that movie, Apollo 13.  Houston, we have a problem.  Remember that line.  We have a huge problem called this huge federal government, state governments, county governments and then municipal governments.  All of whom want as much of our money as they can get.  Now remember the saying "economies of scale". 

You get economies of scale, or better stated, a leaner and more efficient and effective government by a process called consolidation.  This is basic economics folks.  When things are not looking so great, whether it be goverment or some huge business, you consolidate to save some money and to simplify things.  Right? 

So, do we really need 50 state governments at the state level, plus the big federal goverment, plus the county and local goverments?  Don't we simply have too many governments telling us, the employer what to do.

Is that not backwards?  Are we not the ones in charge of all these various forms of government?  I thought we were.  I think, therefore we are in charge of all of these goverments.  In turn, I think we can do away with some of these governments and start over.

I think we should get rid of some of these far too many governments.  We need to consolidate.  We need to restore our liberties and reassert our basic freedoms.  We need to think outside this stupid box, if the box even exists at all.

For example, let us divide America not into 50 states-let us divide the country in quadrants.  Naturally, we all know the center of the continental United States is in Kansas.   So that  is where we draw this line up and down. And form geographic terroritories into quadrants. 

We have North, East, West and South terroritorial government quadrants.  So, we could rid of almost 44 state governments.  Instead, we would have four terroritories that are united by some kind of agreement. For example, we could consolidate and get rid of all those state boundries and their state governments.  Instead, of 50, we would only have four terrorities with their own goverments.  We could still be nice to the other 3 terroritories.  We could call it the United Terroritories of America.  Would that not make our nation more sane?

I mean really-do we need a state called Delaware?  And how about getting rid of Rhode Island and Maine.  These are really relatively small states.  Where do we stick Hawaii and Alaska? Frankly, I have no clue.  Now here is a link that talks about the terrorities of the United States:

Here below in quotation marks is part of the link. This link explains why we have too many myriad goverments.  No wonder we all feel oppressed:

"The myriad political divisions of the United States include (but are not limited to) states, territories, counties, townships, cities, the federal district, possessions and insular areas, embassies and consulates, Indian reservations, military installations, conservation districts and non-municipal special-purpose districts like public authorities, school districts and utilities districts.

The primary political division of the United States is the U.S. state. The states have a large degree of autonomy, as a result of the U.S.'s federal system, and the fact that they created the federal government (rather than the other way around, as in many other countries). The state then grants further autonomy to its own subdivisions, primarily cities, counties, and townships.

There are an estimated 85,000 extant political entities in the United States. Political divisions of the United States are a subset of the total United States territory."

 Just because these relatively small states were one of the thirteen original colonies, can we just change our whole concept of our nation?  Can we not form a new nation?  Just like our founding fathers did back in 1776.  Maybe we can.   Maybe we will.  It is merely time to get out of this box thing and come up some creative solutions. 

Whatever is our fate and destiny, we have to change something pretty darn quickly.  And hopefully, we can all agree that there is a better way going forward.  If anyone else has a solution, call me at 913 403 8584.  I am geographically in the NE quadrant terroritory.  What should we call this NE Quadrant or NE Terroritory?  Beats me.  How about the NE Terroritory of the United States.

Anyway, time to go.  Paul D. Ryan proffers what is possible.  Maybe you might want to read it and think of what our nation might be, going forward.  This Paul guy is a pretty sharp dude.  He is not inside any box. 

Here is the link again, to what Paul D. Ryan wrote.

Later, tdus

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