Saturday, June 26, 2010

United America-We have a solution Houston!

Ok Houston.  We have clearly identified what is the problem in the United States of America.  We have way too many redundant governments.  85,000 governments.  Way too many.  The federal government has so many federal agencies, I cannot count them all.

 No wonder we are all confused about what to do.  By common sense, we should be able to reduce and consolidate all these myriad governments.  Simplicity is the solution.

Our problem stems back to 1776 when our founding fathers cut deals with the several states.  This deal they cut is called federalism.  Hence, we undo federalism.  And instead of having 50 states and all their governments, we reduce all of them.  We eliminate these artificial state boundries.  Our nation has evolved.

We will call this new form of government United America.  No more state boundries.  We do however need to create a new form of government.  I suggest we hold a big convention and hammer out the details of a new form of governing ourselves united. 

We can keep a lot of the stuff we like.  Just modify it a bit.  We like the Declaration of Independence, we like the idea we are created equal.  We Americans like the idea of one nation, under God.  So, if we are thinking outside of a box that does not exist anymore, rhetorically, how big a national government should we create? Do we include Canadians and Central America?

Sure, why not.  They are just like us.  Let us unite and create a better government, just like our founding fathers did, back in 1776.  Why? Because we realized there is no box.  Or if there was a box, we are not in it anymore.  We are outside the box looking down at all the litter caused by this box.  Only a yahoo politican could have created the box in the first place. 

Let us  set a date where we make decisions on creating this new form of self-governance.  I suggest July 4, 2016.  We get rid of state boundries and form a new type of government called United America.  For now, the convention will be at my condo.  Why not? 

Whom among us does not want to be united?  I want to be united.  We know we need some form of new government that does not rely on progressive socialism.  We know based on simplicity, we can all become more prosperous because more resources and people will be available to do stuff. 

Basically, all this new government is going to do is eliminate state boundries and reshape the new government back to pre-1933. The time before FDR and the progressive socialist movement began. 

We know we want a limited and narrow government.  Kind of like is promised in the United States Constitution.  We just need to take out the word "state".  And modify the Constitution a bit.  We will call this the United America Constitution.  Get rid of that pesky word, state that creates way too many governments and divides and subclassifies who we are.

No longer am I dividing myself by being classified and subdivided by a artifical and imaginary line called state boundry. State boundries divide us.  Hence eliminate the state boundry.  I am no longer a Kansan or a Floridian.  I am merely an American.  If you are too, raise your hand and we are united. 

United America.  UA for short going forward.  We merely made a huge mistake back in 1776.  We blame the root of progressive socialism back to its founder, FDR and his zany ideas of progressive socialism.  He made a big mistake in 1933.  He was desperate. He thought he was doing the right thing making the United States Constitution a progressive thing subject to change by a bunch of yahoo politicians.

Those yahoo politicans have bankrupt the United States of America.  Our federal government is broken.  We need to fix it.  So help us God. 


Welcome to United America.

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