Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Plank Issues based on a consensus of the voters

Introduction: A person running for United States Congress should do their best to filter which issues are the most important to the electors to warrant and earn their vote. Therefore, most candidates have 3 major issues. Having met many of the electors over the last five years, these are what I have heard consistently are the most important of many issues.

The No. 1 Plank Issue must be my strict adherence to the United States Constitution as written by our founding fathers. Therefore, since there has been so much deviation from complying and understanding our United States Constitution by so many.

I am going to devote a lot of time before the election in doing whatever I can to see our federal government and those that represent we, the people of the United States whom love our country, want a smaller and limited federal government that focuses on the rights of the individual.

By following the United States Constitution lays the foundation for my position on all other issues. Therefore, this has to be the No. 1 issue of this congressional campaign. Nothing could be more important. The United States Constitution including constitutional amendments defines what I am supposed to do as your congressman.

The No. 2 issue is related to the national economy. This issue would include doing what I can to ensure our economy is improved; while concurrently ensuring the federal government is more efficient and effective with your tax dollars.

This includes a desire for fiscal conservatism and not wasting your federal tax dollars. This includes federal tax policies that need to be reformed. I support progressive tax policies that are not punitive to those that work for a living. I tend to support a progressive tax policy that is based on net worth-not income.

In regard to our national infrastructure, I have spent tremendous amount of time on economic issues. I am firmly convinced that our national infrastructure is so important. I believe if the people of this nation support using their federal tax dollars to rebuild and maintain our national infrastructure.

 I support the building of a high speed rail system as vital to our economy. Building high speed rail over the next decade should be a priority. The building of high speed rail should not be paid for with your federal dollars. Private industry should be responsible for the building of a high speed rail system.

Other portions of our national infrastructure include the power grid, reduced reliance on foreign oil, and fixing, maintaining and improving our federal highways. State highways are the responsibility of the state-not the responsibility of a federal government. So these kinds of theme of each geographic area are responsible for their people paying for what they want; Instead of using the federal government to pay for city, county and state projects having no nexus to the operation of the federal government. The only funding I will support in earmarks or any other legislation must have a federal nexus. And if there is no nexus, I will not support any congressman that proffers such funding.

I remain convinced Dwight Eisenhower understood how vital transportation is. Therefore, I too, like Ike, believe by a narrow focus on our national infrastructure, the rest of the economic prosperity will follow the same path taking our nation from a big recession to a major economic recovery.
In regard to jobs, I want to do what I can to ensure businesses are not using foreign labor. I will support those companies that are a) domestic, and b) keep jobs in America.

The 3rd major issue will merely be called other issues. This would include education, immigration, poverty, health care, foreign trade, wars, closing GITMO, trying war criminals, being transparent, doing what I can to end partisanship (by using Sandbox rules). There are many other issues that need solutions.

Hence, why the voters need a candidate that does not give moore rhetoric. The voters need and want someone like Scherer for their congressman.  Scherer walks the talk.  Unlike the Moore's.  The Moore's talk, make promises and then vote the exact opposite just as if they were Brutus stabbing Caesar in the back.  No moore more.

There are so many major issues that all of us want addressed. Like you, I get it. I understand. I hope you understand I am merely one person asking for your vote and your prayers. There is so much that needs to be done to make our nation better one step at a time.

will do my best to ensure there is an end to partisanship. I am firmly convinced there really are simple solutions to many of these issues. In conclusion, it is my belief I have earned your vote by doing things before the election. That is why I humbly ask you, the voter to send me to Washington DC to be your better congressman.

So help me God. One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.

Published this the June 12, 2010 by Thomas E. Scherer, your better candidate for United States Congress.

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