Friday, June 25, 2010

Scherer has done it again-Filed Another Tax Case to help many

Once again, I am doing something real and tangible to earn your vote.  Unlike those other yahoo candidates that merely promise what they will do if elected.

Yesterday, I filed another tax case with the U.S. Tax Court in Washington.  Last December, I bought a condo in Florida making me an official snowbird.  Now, Congress passed legislation stating those that bought a home before April 30, 2010 would get a federal tax credit of $6,500.  ($8000 if it was your first home).  So, I did that.  I bought that condo in Florida making me eligible for the federal tax credit.

First, the IRS web site told me to expect the tax credit March 23rd. Then it was April.  Then, it was May.  Then June and I still have not gotten this federal tax credit.  Which would come in real handy so I could buy a bunch of campaign signs for this congressional race. 

Second,  I called the IRS Taxpayer Advocate both in Washington and in Atlanta, GA.  I was told by the taxpayer advocate that the IRS does not have enough employees to process timely those that are eligible for this tax credit. 

Well, that is merely another problem the current administration has not handled properly.  So this is President Obama's fault I have not gotten my $6,500 bucks.  Now not getting this federal tax credit is causing me harm and injury.  So, I filed a Form 911 stating so with the IRS.

Well, it appears they do not have enough employees to handle the processing of IRS Form 911 either.  Because it also has been ignored by the IRS. So, to every problem, there is a solution.  The solution I chose was filing a lawsuit against the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service.

So hopefully, both by effect and affect, there will be positive results by me walking the talk.  Taking action now before being elected.  That has to at least infer that if I am taking action for many now before the election, I would do so after being elected to Congress after the election. 

Can you say that about Yodeling Yoder or Stephene?  Ask them.  What are you doing now to help us voters before the election?  Are you earning our vote like that Scherer dude is?  If you are not, why should anyone vote for them? 

Now my other tax case for all Kansas homeowners has to have an order issued by July 30th.  So,  I will continue to argue that case on behalf of all homeowers in the state of Kansas.  I doubt the unconstitutional Kansas Court of Tax Appeals will find themselves unconstitutional. 

But the Kansas Court of Appeals might.  And if they do not, then I will ask the United States Supreme Court to do so. 

The Kansas Court of Tax Appeals forcing everyone to go to Topeka Kansas to argue why the assessment of their real estate tax assessments is absurd.  Why did Senator Tim Owens think the Substitute for House Bill 2018 was somehow constitutional?  Why did he write this piece of crap legislation taking every Kansas homeowner's right to appear before a judge that lives in their county?

Shame on Tim Owens for taking away your rights to challenge your real estate tax assessment, forcing all of us homeowners to drive clear to Topeka Kansas.  So by effect, for example, if you in Goodland, KS, you would have drive 10 hours just to argue a tax case before this unconstitutional Court of Tax Appeals.

Furthermore, this new court formally called BOTA is in direct violation of the Kansas Constitution that guarentees there is an involiate right to a jury trial.  Which the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals will not allow.  I guess COTA hates the Kansas Constitution.  I don't.  I like it.   

Great job Mr. Owens.  Depriving all Kansan homeowners their Constitutional rights ought to ensure one thing-you will not be re-elected. As well as demonstrating why Scherer should be our congressman.  On one hand, Scherer walks the talk.  On the other hand, Senator Owens should be making his retirement plans for passing this horrible piece of legislation called Substitute for House Bill 2018.

Later, tdus.

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