Monday, June 14, 2010

Scherer is a champion fighter for your individual rights

 The founding fathers in writing the United States Constitution were of firm belief of the rights of the individual as being critical to adoption by the several states.  Mr. Scherer supports the conviction and belief of our nation's founding fathers that individual rights were, and still are very important to our nation.

Now Mrs. Moore, just like her husband, want to do an economic redistribution plan of your money.  Mr.Scherer unlike this lady, oppose an economic redistribution scheme put forward by the President of the United States.  For good reason, Scherer is not a socialist like Dennis and Stephene Moore.

If you do not want your money to be redistributed in some kind of zany unlawful redistribution, then this August, you should vote for Thomas Scherer.

We are. 

Status Update: Today, Mr. Scherer met with the Johnson County attorneys on a proposed stipulation.  That stipulation effort was denied today by the attorneys.  Basically, Mr. Scherer asked if JOCO Govt. would stipulate that Substitute for HB 2018 is unconstutitional along with the many Kansas statutes impacted by that horrible piece of crap legislation.

In simple terms, this important tax case is what Mr. Scherer does to earn your vote.  We merely wonder what is Stephene Moore Rhetoric doing to earn your vote.  We cannot tell because she will not debate Mr. Scherer in a public forum, even if her husband was the moderator.  What is Stephene afraid of?  A better question is, what are her qualifications to be a congressman?  No one seems to know including Stephene. 

If Stephene will not speak for herself, and instead relies on Larry Gates to communicate for her and to the media, what does that tell us about Mrs. Moore?

Exactly-she is afraid of Scherer, she is running on a hidden agenda including being pro-choice, hating babies, hating unions and quite the opposite of Mr. Scherer.  The United States Constitution guarantees the right to life.  It does not guarantee the right to kill a baby.  There are quite a few differences between Scherer and Moore rhetoric, part II.  Demand Stephene debate Mr. Scherer, ASAP.  Meaning before the Primary Election. 

To date, she refuses to debate Mr. Scherer. Highy implying she is afraid.  Mr. Scherer is not afraid.  Why is Stephene? 

Is she a veteran like Mr. Scherer having fought for his country.  Has she advocated for the civil rights of individuals since 1994 like Scherer?  We do not think she has.  Hence, why she is afraid to debate Mr. Scherer in a public forum, even if her husband Dennis is the moderator.

That is the word for this 14th day of June, 2010.

tdus, et. al.

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