Saturday, June 12, 2010

Scherer’s Core Values

Having published our plank issues, it is equally important as your next better congressman, to lay out my core values on why you want to vote and elect me to United States Congress. Therefore, below are my congressional values that I have determined by listening to you, my employer that are important to you and are your minimum expectations from your better congressman.
  1. Be moral and have strength of character. Be open and have no fear.
  2. Be as positive as much as possible.
  3. Do not be a complainer-have solutions and implement those solutions in cooperation with other congressman
  4. Be respectful to all. And when facing bureaucracy, do not waiver. Be steadfast and tenacious in doing what I can as your elected congressman
  5. Fight to ensure your individual rights are not infringed upon by the federal government
  6. Stop the progression of the federal government into socialism
  7. Be supportive of small business and domestic corporations as vital to our national economy; while concurrently ensuring some corporations like the drug, health and insurance companies do not gouge you related to health care
  8. Be supportive of fair trade; not free trade
  9. Be transparent as much as possible by using technology and other resources to communicate with you, my employer
  10. Be transparent about what a congressman can and cannot do.
  11. Reduce the size of the federal government as much as possible.
  12. Be consistent so the voters clearly will know now how I will vote after being elected to the United States Congress
  13. Do my best to let the voters understand that to arrive at a smaller federal government, we all  accept some kind of personal responsibility to ensure there is that reduction in the federal government.
  14. To ensure to the best of my ability the laws of this nation are upheld and enforced by federal agencies
  15. To act as your interface when dealing with federal agencies
  16. To have sufficient staff (Constituent Services) that responds and communicates with you, based on my delegation to take care of your needs
  17. When making and casting votes, merely ask and apply an analytical framework applying these core values including asking myself, what would Jesus do, if he were a United States Congressman.

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