Saturday, June 26, 2010

Feeling depressed-do not be-there are solutions to all this creepy socialism

Here is a link I got from reading the local blog called Political Chips.  This is worth reading.  Finally, someone puts what we need to do to restore America to its greatness in a short 100 pg. essay. 
Good job.

Tip of the hat to both Paul D. Ryan and to Political Chips.

This is worth reviewing.  It shows that we can fix this funk we find ourselves in.  Regardless of what political party one belongs to.  Finally, someone that explains what is happening to America, in pretty simple terms.

Give this link a shot.  What does America and all of us stand to lose? 

Rhetorically, can it get much worse? The answer of course is "yes it can". 
Can we fix America?  Yes we can.

To every problem, there is one or more simple solutions to any given problem. 

Hopefully. Time to spin this blog to positive on what is possible. By golly, the glass is half full.  Fill er up.


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