Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What does Scherer and Obama have in common?

Both of us are horrible at bowling. 

Although I am pretty certain I am a better bowler than the President of the United States by a few pins.  If you want to find out how horrible a bowler I am, this Sunday, Father's Day I am sponsoring a meet and greet at the Mission Bowl in Mission Kansas. Not only their bowling, they also have a arcade and a place to buy refreshments like beer, hot dogs, nachoes with cheese and soda pop. 

What a deal!  Your cost to bowl-zero.

The first 25 to show up at 5:00 PM, I will assume the cost for one free round of bowling.

Bring your own balls if you have some.  Also, each bowler will responsible for bowling shoe rental at a high cost of $3.25.  Instead of paying $3.25, Mr. Scherer recommends or suggests that a true  fiscal conservative go to Goodwill or the Salavation Army and never again, pay a ridiculus price for renting shoes for about an hour,ever again.

Maybe there will be a prize or something for some of the more colorful bowlers.  Come to the Mission Bowl, Mission Kansas and find out if you are a better bowler than Scherer and the President of the United States of America, that Obama dude. If you are, you can brag about your expertise as a bowler being better than Scherer and the President of the United States forever.

And remember, when Scherer is bowling, he does not want to talk about politics.  After bowling, you can tell him what you want him to do since you are going to be his boss after the election.

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