Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some schools districts are more equal than others-thanks LOB

In the book 1984, clearly there was equality for all.  Some were merely more equal than others.  Ditto for Kansas public school districts and the students that attend.  Thanks to an invention called the local option budget, or LOB.  So, if you reside in a wealthy district like JOCO, your kids are more equal than those that live in less wealthy WYCO.  Thanks to a monster called LOB. 

Why no one has challenged the LOB being in violation of the 14th Amendment equal protection clause amazes me.  Here in Kansas, two communities JOCO and WYCO have an inequality of epic proportion.  This is not just limited to school districts.  This also includes a wide inequality when it comes to real estate taxes.  Some homes, although the same, are really more equal than others. 

Hence, why I am challanging the real estate tax assessment system for all homeowers in Kansas.I have referred to this inequity in all counties across the state as the "real estate comparables nonsense" for good reason.  It is nonsense that merely allows the county governments to grow bigger and bigger using that comparables nonsense, even during a recession.

Any day now, the Kansas Court of Taz Appeals, an unconstitutional court is going to have to issue an order than I can appeal.  In prior posts, this court was uncertain whether it was a court of law or not.  Now this is hard for me to understand.  Usually courts are based on law.  And only in Kansas would some courts be more equal than others.  Why COTA cannot allow a jury trial as promised in our Kansas Constitution also mystifies me.

I am pretty certain it will also mystify the Kansas Court of Appeals on how a court and its judges are uncertain and unable to ascertain whether they are a court of law or alternatively, merely a state agency just like the Board of Tax Appeals was.  Remember BOTA-Now Called COTA.  All due to some horrible legislation called Substitute for House Bill 2018. 

Further, in all three counties of the 3rd Congressional District, real estate tax revenue also varies unequally in each county's budget suggesting  some are more equal than others.  Maybe not for long though.  I intend to ask the United States Supreme Court soon, why in Kansas,  some are more equal than others.

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