Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yippee, Several Cases Concurrently

Good news.  I have several court cases concurrently.

First, I have that tax case for all Kansas homeowners to restore their rights to argue a tax assessment in the state district court de novo before a jury trial in the county that they reside. 

In addition, in that tax case, I am also arguing the real estate comparables nonsense method employed by the various counties in Kansas violates Kansas statutes, not to mention the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution equal protection clause.  For good reason.  The real estate comparables nonsense  violates the 14th Amendment. 

For example, this local option budget used in the assessment of real estate taxes creates some school districts where certain school districts and their schools are more equal than others.  This does not jibe with the 14th Amendment equal protection clause. 

Finally, the horrible Kansas Court of Tax Appeals on the record, assured me an order would be forthcoming 90 days after oral argument.  Which was July 30.  Still, no order as of today. So I called them.  The order has been written by an attorney and has been to the Panel of Judges for their signature.  Why judges cannot write their own orders mystifies me.

 I am pretty certain this case will ultimately be my 10th case that I docket or attempt to docket with the United States Supreme Court soon enough.  For good reason-this tax case could have a huge impact across many states, not just Kansas.

Second, I received notification to appear before the judges of the Board of Veterans Appeals on October 25 in Washington DC.  Now part of this docketed case is to argue that United States veterans that receive a material change in a remand from the BVA are considered to be a prevaling party.  Now the United States Supreme Court has held that a prevailing party has the right to a recovery of attorney fees including court costs.

So applied to my situation in dealing with all this VA adjudication and bureaucracy, to date I have prevailed nine times.  When I prevail the 10th time, I am going to argue that veterans per SCOTUS have the right to a cost recovery of their expenses related to prevailing on a succesful remand.  And that should apply to all US veterans by effect.

ThirdI have some of my work product coming to fruition in helping the people of Florida related to the Florida Homestead Act.  I have a petition hearing docketed in September to argue why their obtuse process needs fixed; while concurrently arguing in Florida, some veterans are treated more equal than others.

Fourth, I have to object to a motion to dismiss my case at the United States Tax Court on or before September 14th.  This case is related to the IRS acknowledging they do have sufficient staff to process my federal home tax credit refund.  And I am assuming there are many people in this country similiarly situated. 

Furthermore, Senator Pat Roberts and his staff are supposed to be doing a Senate inquiry into this situation at my request.  But I am not holding breathe in any expectation that a politican named Senator Roberts and his staff will do much on behalf of those deprived their federal tax credit. 

I wonder what Yoder Odor and No MORE MOORE'S wife Stephene are doing to earn your vote. Probably just like you.  If you are getting depressed at the possibility of not getting a better United States Congressman named Scherer, do not fret too much.  I did just check both Yoder and Moore's web site.

Moore is refusing to debate Yoder as I predicted in a recent blog post.  Moore's wife merely claims she supports Social Security.  Gee, what a tough call, Steph--pandering to the senior citizens, but having no practical solutions.  More democrat nonsense.  And then the Moores are attacking Yoder as being a supporter of the stupid Fair Tax proposal.  Which is pretty good way to attack Yoder, but solve nothing in America.  Basically, these two yahoos are both cowards because both of them refused to debate me in the primary election.

So choose your coward wisely come this November in the General election.  I would still have to give the nod to Yoder as being the one to cause the least harm to our nation.

I still have your backside covered as I continue my goal of making America a better place for all of us; regardless of any primary election.


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