Sunday, August 1, 2010

Meet the Press-Alan Greenspan

Today, on Meet the Press Alan Greenspan clearly defined the problem in our economy is "the banking system is broken".  Amen.

We in America understand this.  What is the solution Alan?

How about raising interest rates so banks will start lending money to both companies and consumers?  Would that not work?

Maybe if we stop and get the Federal Reserve from being the "fourth" branch of government, then maybe, just maybe we would not be in the horrible position we are at, right now. 

We need to audit the Federal Reserve, ensure this "fourth branch" is subject to Congressional oversight, is transparent, and keep the Federal Reserve from interfering in a fair market economy causing huge cyclical swings concurrently in some zany redistribution scheme of our savings and investments.

There are solutions to the mess we are in.  And it is time we hold the Federal Reserve system not be this "fourth" but not transparent manipulator of our economic cycle.  Merely ask Ron Paul what he thinks we should do with the Federal Reserve system.  Is Mr. Paul not right?  As my friend and advisor Sharon likes to ask me:

Am I right or am I wrong?


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