Monday, August 2, 2010

Thanks for your vote and support of confidence-One day to go

First, I want thank those that have or will vote.  For certainly, just like me, we all realize our federal government needs to be fixed by someone that is a fiscal conservative.  And merely because our federal government and its elected officials sometimes appear and are fiscally irresponsible, that can be fixed shortly after the November election.

Second, things like Obamacare will soon be rescinded.  Especially that part of health care that mandates everyone must have health insurance.  These yahoo politicians keep forgetting we, the people are in charge of the federal government-not Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid. 

We Americans want a limited government and certainly do not want the federal government taking over 1/6 of our national economy with socialized health care called "comparative medicine".

Effectively rationing health care services that only ensure that a) many people will be forced to get health insurance that will then ration what procedures and treatments a person will get, based on how important or how little their life is worth to the federal government, and b) Baby boomers will have to die quicker, and c) this comparative health care policy is almost comparable to genocide and finally d) the health, drug and medical care establishment will continue to rape most of us based on their economic greed. 

Finally,  remember no one in Obamacare, or his administration has ever mentioned a plan to lower health care costs. So that is a huge and intentional omission.  That applies to obtaining low-cost prescriptions.  That includes using Americans for testing new medications.  Obamacare is fubared. 

Under Obamacare, if you are part of the economic machine, you will get health care.  If you retired, or unabled to work or on Medicare, good luck with comparative health care.  The federal government will ensure you do not get what you need healthcare wisel because you are not good investment to the national economy.

 So, if you like the idea of "comparative medicine" and want to restrict access to health care, you would vote for Stephene.  Because she likes what her husband voted for.  And wants to continue his work to limit health care benefits to those whom may need it most.

With Scherer, Obamacare will be a short-lived and reversed.  Scherer does not support the federal government taking over the health care business on constitutional grounds.  In our United States Constitution promises all of us, even those that support comparative medicine, the right to life.  The right to life includes the right to health care.  There is simply no constitutional basis for the federal government to restrict and deny acccessible health care to Americans using a tricky and clever name called "comparative healthcare".

It simply defies logic and common sense that in a civil society, we do not kill the old, the infirm and the disabled, based on economic factors.  So, after November, those newly elected officials like Mr. Scherer will put Obamacare to its early demise.  As it should be.  And restore to all Americans a guarentee that there will be no forced health insurance by shoving in down under threat bo extortion of some huge penality. 

So, this is an important election come August 3rd.  And one of the major factors to use in deciding whom to vote for is health care and the respective positions of Scherer as compared to Stephene.  Scherer does not support Obamacare on constitutional grounds; while Stephene promises us she will continue to support her retiring husband's work, including being a lackey to both Nancy Pelosi and Mr. Reid.

Further, if you want to live in a nation that respects the individual as tanamount to the vision and ideals of our founding fathers, you will vote for Scherer,  If you want our nation to continue to self-destruct fiscally, you would vote for a progressive socialist engineer called Stephene.

On one hand, we choose Scherer to be the better and more obvious choice for United States Congress for good reason.  Scherer has been listening.  Scherer gets the consensus of the voters that clearly want to get rid of ObamaCare.  Scherer gets it. 

On the other hand, when Stephene talks, the moore votes Scherer gets. So keep asking Stephene to clarify her position on issues.  She is not prepared, nor has your earned your vote relative what Scherer continues to do for all Kansans.

Choose wisely.  No more Moores.  We have had moore than enough of that kind of failure, lack of vision and an absence of common sense and ineffective leadership.  Kansans deserve a better congressman.

Signed and dated this the 2nd day of August, 2010.

Thomas E. Scherer, the best candidate for United States Congess, aka tdus. 

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