Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I wonder what I should do about protecting KS homeowners post-election?

For today's post, I am wondering how much effort, both in time and money I should expend related to trying to protect Kansas homeowners post-election.

Now this case I have docketed with the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals, can and will cost me close to $40,000 to take it clear to SCOTUS-and would be my 10th case docketed or attempted to be docketed with SCOTUS.   

Maybe I should not fight for the rights of Kansas homeowers.  Maybe Yoder and Stephene will do so, since they are in the general election.  I merely wonder what I should do going forward on behalf of Kansans.  Including Kansas homeowers.  Sounds to me to be a test of my morality and my pocketbook. I can get a case all the way to SCOTUS for around $40,000 very real dollars.  Just like I have done in the past.

Maybe instead, my money would be further spent on helping the people of Florida.  Tough call.  I will have to make a decision soon.  As soon as this horrible COTA issues their final order, that was due on July 30th. 

What would you do if you were me?  Fight for the rights of Kansas homeowners risking my own personal funds and limited time?  Or not doing that.  I will advise.  This COTA case could have huge implications spread across many states related to how many states through their county governments take our money based on real estate comparables nonsense.  I am pretty certain the United States Supreme Court would really like a case like that. 

This is going to be a tough call.  I guess since I received 4,661 votes, I should not disappont those voters.  Furthermore, it is possible that this case will be the most important case I have ever docketed with the United States Supreme Court.

There seems to be this invisible hand that keeps gently guiding me on what I should do next.  Regardless, my goal including the reason I ran for Congress remains the same-to somehow make America a better place.

I hope fate and destiny are kind to me in ensuring my goal is accomplished some day. 

So help me God.

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