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The book Changing Asylums is a compilation of writings including science fiction and topical essays to stimulate critical thinking related to building a more civil, moral, and humane society on this planet by wise application of science and technology.

The science fiction part addresses the changes in current events that are disturbing to the future prospects of our planet, such as cloning, the Human Genome Project, computer technology, war, and the ever-dangerous ideal of a new world order or globalization attempted by the United States built on republican-based hegemony.

In brief summation, the book starts out in stating cloning was the end of religious mysticism. There is a quad-war based on regional world conflict stemming from religious mysticism. Out of that conflict, the remaining population determines a New World order is a preferred solution.

A commonwealth or a New World order is created. In the creation of that new order, a machine (intelligent computer) is put in charge. There is a new form of governance called Machinism. However, the wisest of all humans is chosen by the machine to interact in governance of the New World order.

There are twelve wise, moral and virtuous world leaders chosen by the machine using a testing and selection process. However, the twelve leaders are anonymous to each other and only the machine named DOG knows their identity. Anonymity is mandatory to be one of the world leaders. The penalty for any disclosure is death and naturally, a replacement.

Now DOG stands for Digital Organizational Guidance system. A machine similar to HAL in the book 2001: Space Odyssey. However, DOG is much more advanced than man-made HAL or even the alien black monolith using neural networks and fuzzy logic to become rational.

DOG uses all known writings of intellectual thought ever produced by humanity. DOG is a compilation of all humanity's writings by scanning and analyzing all philology-the study of all written work. DOG then applies logic and rational thought (analysis by a compilation of artificial intelligence including neural networks (pattern recognition) and fuzzy logic (to weigh virtues and character) to arrive at orders/decrees to manage the New World Order superior to any collection of humans.

Therefore, DOG is superior in wisdom and intellect to any human leader or government. DOG solves the extreme contrasts of Huxley's Brave New World utopianism to the opposition of Orwell's anti-utopian book 1984. However, DOG is built to self-destruct within fifty years. The rationale is fifty years is sufficient time for the creation and development of a New World order.

DOG issues both proclamations and decrees to develop and advance the New World order, using Star Trek-like wisdom of the mythical Mr. Spock. Sure, there is isolated resistance to the favoring/slight weighting of all humanity's interests (New World Order) taking its toll on some loss of individuality. However, the loss in individual freedom is preferred to the destruction of the human species, which almost happens during the Quad-Wars.

In its final year of operation (hook), DOG determines the human species should be eliminated because some of the New World order is not working as planned. DOG destroys all humanity as being rational, but creates a hybrid new species via cloning. Similar in process to hybrid corn, except reproducible ensuring this new species is disease-resistant and a better yielding product.

The new species has no gender. Since cloning is possible, no reproduction is necessary. The book ends almost like the Bible begins "In the beginning . . . DOG created man.

Kind of. DOG picks the name ADEVE," combining Adam and Eve. Now ADEVE is an asexual hybrid clone from human reconstituted DNA. Therefore, the clone is infinitely a better product than any prior human ever manufactured by the antiquated, unnecessary and equally silly old process, called sexual reproduction.

Sex for short. Sex is merely too random a process to take such random risks in producing good quality, virtuous humans. So DOG wants to ensure a better, more reliable and quality product will be produced.

So, the hook implies rhetorically: Is DOG really man's best friend, or alternatively man's worst enemy. Fatalistically, as long as humans govern, there is no solution to the creation of a New World Order that could/would be more humane, moral, and wise. Naturally, during those fifty years of building the New World Order requires transition. So, there is plenty warranting a further read of the forthcoming book.

Furthermore, by writing this book as the author, I can elaborate within on some of my favorite contemporary subjects in areas such as philosophy, religion, science and technology, and governance of our different parts of society including social engineering of humanity, without being didactic or expository, by very much. Thereby, enlightening and entertaining the reader.

Whereas, you the reader, will never be able to look at your dog in the same light, ever again. Always wondering whether your dog is the chosen one set out to destroy all humanity.

Stay tuned. Lots more to follow. From an orginal abstract written in 2007.

Thomas E. Scherer,
Writer and Author of the copyright protected book, Changing Asylums

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