Sunday, August 15, 2010

It is time for me to write a book. Are you ready?

I personally think after publishing over 180 political essays and eight fables, I could have merely written a book instead. Not to mention my snarky blog at New Style Kansas Politics before that.  So, I think that is what I am going to focus on next as a goal. 

Naturally, most of my writing other than politics, has typically been in courts of law.  And that has been a good thing to me personally for several reasons.  By fighting for people's rights whenever I have standing, makes my time here on the planet Earth have a certain value to my mere existence.  But, I need not limit my writing professionally to merely courts of law. 

So, I think instead of writing about politics all the time, I am going to start publishing on this blog, a draft of a book I have been working on for several years now. 

The title of this book is called "Changing Asylums".  Now an asylum is a place where we all go for safety and refuge during times when our souls are troubled. 
So, I changed my asylum from Kansas to Florida. 

Anyway, stay tuned for the publishing of several chapters of this book I am going to have published, probably by self-publishing.  So those of you who come to this blog often, get to read the chapters of this book for free.  What a deal for loyal blog followers of this site.

The first sentence of the first chapter goes like this:

Cloning was the end of religious mystism. 

And that is merely Chapter 1.  Soon, I will publish the whole first chapter, when I feel like it. 


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