Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Domination by several types of war

Wars are varied in type throughout history.

First, there is the traditional, but rather naive type of warfare using armed troops, guns and artillery, naval ships, missles and jets. This is what the typical American think is modern warfare. 

Then, there is the method of war known as defeating a country by economic warfare.  Like what China is doing to our United States undermining our nation's currency by buying up our Treasury bills. To which our President bows to Chinese leaders.

Sometimes economic wars lead to trade wars such as trade tariffs and boycotts.  Followed shortly thereafter by more traditional warfare methods using troops and guns.

Then, there is the Immigration Wars practiced by the Islamic nations.  Infilitrate and populate a nation by lawful migration installing religious institutions including mosques. Very similar to what the Europeans did in taking over this nation from the native Americans. 

Then, another way to win a war is flood a nation with unlawful drugs.  The drug wars. Drug wars are insidious.  Make the people of a nation focus on obtaining and using unlawful drugs losing focus on education and economic production.

Then, there is taking over a nation by buying up natural resources and industrial production domestically.  Like what Europe and Japan are doing.  Buying up and outperforming domestic industrial production.  Like Toyota and Honda taking over domestic automobile production.  Various foreign companies controling our electronics industry. And Americans sit by silently as companies such as Budwieser, the king of domestic beer production was bought recently by InBev.

All of this major loss of domestic industrial capacity and instead, undue reliance on the cheapest foreign labor anywhere in the world; while concurrently focusing on foreign production takes away the multiplier effect of a given dollar bill.  Instead of the multiplier of a dollar benefiting our nation domestically by a factor of 7 to 8 times, the multiplier effect is benefiting  countries outside of the United States. 

Then, there are wars of terrorism.  Where isolated fanatics infilitrate a nation by doing acts of terrorism undermining public confidence in one's personal safety. Creating a fear factor wasting lots of time, energy and money domestically. 

Finally, there is unlawful immigration undermining a nation by taking over labor. Like what is happening in the United States by Mexico, Central and South American troops. 

Therefore, America is under attack not by traditional warfare as we Americans typically define it

We Americans are being attacked by foreign enemies concurrently by insidious attacks by many foreign nations.  And the problem is most Americans in charge of our federal government are far too stupid to realize we are dealing with several attacks and acts of war, with no weapons from foreign nations.

The sad fact is we are losing control of our nation from all these varied acts of war from many foreign nations, concurrently.  The way I see our nation's future is we are slowly being destroyed as a nation from within by sloth.

Just like what happened to the Roman Empire.  More and more of us are relying on this vast and going-broke federal government to provide most of our basic needs. 

All of which will more than likely lead at some point to a major revolution dividing the nation by something called the Tea Party-the revolt of the middle class to job losses and a declining standard of living being destroyed by the rich and powerful special interests focused on their own self-interest and greed as these capitalists focus on what they call globalization; the exportation of jobs and labor to the cheapest source all over the world.

Get ready for the Second Revolution.  We are under attack by many foreign nations and our federal government will do everything they can to stop a domestic revolution by the people of the United States.  This include seting up domestic spying by federal govenment on its own citizens.  Which also includes the creation of fusion centers by the federal government.  All of which is being established and built in order to institute martial law if and when it is needed. 

The time for revolution is close at hand. It is getting closer and closer every day.  Get ready.  We are.  And sadly, so are the federal, state and local governments.


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