Thursday, August 12, 2010

It is smoking hot here in Florida

Boy, the dog days of August.  It is horrible here in Florida.  The temperature every day swelters up to about 90 degrees.  And merely repeat day after sunny day.  I wish I was in Kansas still where the temperature is hotter.  Plus in Kansas, there are no oceans to go fishing at.  Which is good for Kansans because fishing costs a lot of my money. 

Another thing that is hot in Florida is the unemployment rate.  State-wide, the rate is 11.5% unemployed contrasted to KS unemployment being at 6.5.  Regardless, some of the democrats including Obama seem to be a tad bit behind in creating or saving jobs.  So, they are going to have to get better at lying.  Now Stephene wants to continue the policies of her husband.  What a horrible idea. 

Yoder on the other hand has to pay back all those corrupt 800k that he was greased with.  So, if he wins the election, the only thing is going to be hot is you, as he screws middle class America, but bestows huge Reagan-like Voodoo Economic theories at you.  If the rich make more money, you as a middle class worker will somehow benefit from things like renewing insanely the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. 

So basically with either of these two yahoos, people in the 3rd District do not have much to look forward to post-election.  Way to go voters.  You could have Scherer and now you merely have to decide who will screw you the least-Yoder or No More Moore.  I pity the voters of the 3rd District. 

But as for me, thank God I can stop campaigning in Kansas and now focus on what I am going to run for here in Florida in the next election cycle.  Plus I can also focus on which entity here in FL I am going to file suit against.  I am leaning heavily at suing the GOV of FL who has done a really crappy job both being GOV and suddenly switching his Senate campaign to being an independent since Mario Rubio was kicking his arse.

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