Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thanks, and gratitude for your support this election cycle

Thanks to my staff and to the voters that supported my candidacy and what we represented. Especially that thing called the United States Constitution and something close to some kind of fiscal responsibility from these yahoos in Washington. I am a very fortunate person considering the fact I was able to run to be your United States Congressman.. 

Moving forward to the 2012 election cycle.  It is quickly approaching. And I remain dedicated to to completing my overall goal of making America a better place for all of us.

I just have to develop a new strategy on how I am going to make this nation a better place.  Soon. 

Time for a brief vacation.  Getting my Ahs out of Kansas.  Heading south to Florida.  Take care. 

And do not forget, I still have that case pending for all homeowners in Kansas.  Still no order from the horrible Kansas Court of Tax Appeals.  I will advise upon receipt of that order, provided they do finally do so.  Merely remember, in Kansas public schools, having some schools be more equal than other schools violates the equal protection clause of the  14th Amendment.  I do. 

Humbly yours,

Thomas E. Scherer, aka TDUS

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Merely remember if I am elected to Congress, you the individual are my boss. PACS, Lobbyists and Special Interest Groups, sorry, but just go away. Americans are tired of the United PACS of America buying and corrupting our congressman and Senators. Our candidate is not for sale.

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