Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Scherer's Voter Guide for today's Primary Election

I highly recommend the easiest way to determine whom to not vote for can easily be best be determined by those the KC Red Star endorses.  Basically be contrary.

Remember, per Derek Donovan, KC Star Alleged Reader Rep. the KC Red Star endorses candidates on the far left.  So, a wise voter that opposes progressive socialist engineers the Star favors would merely pick the other person on the ballot-the candidate the Red Star does not endorse deserves your vote.

We all have to merely remember the KC Red Star and the JOCO Sun are both liberal leaning for to the left progressive socialists that have to take accountability for their past endorsements.  And by their endorsements, these media sources are merely a big part of the problem that brought the worst recession since the Great Depression. 

So whatever you do today, do not vote for the person suggested by the KC Star or Johnson County Sun.  Their endorsements are related to their own selfish self-interest and contrary to your interest as an individual.  All these media care about are their  Gordon Gecko-like love of greed and getting your money. 

Later, time for the Scherer for Congress Committee to get some moore votes.  Today counts.  Make sure your vote counts.  Make sure those the Red Star endorses do not get the most votes.  It is your future prosperity that is on the line today.  Ensure with your vote, the progressive socialist movement shrivels up and goes away.

Today is merely another opportunity to remind the politicians and some of these far-left media outlets, we the people are in charge again. 

Merely inform them by clearly and loudly voting for fiscal conservatism and fiscal sanity.  No more moores.  And also be wary of the Yoder Odor in the GOP 3rd District Primary.  If it smells like bull manure, it probably is bull manure.

 Your vote today should loudly proclaim most of us Americans want our federal government to be fixed by returning to complying with the vision of our founding fathers that wanted to ensure the most important person in the United States of America is you-the individual

I almost forgot in my voter guide to make the following suggestion below:


Scherer, a fiscal conservative wants to  lead our nation back to fiscal responsiblity and bring about economic prosperity.

Scherer keeps his promises, unlike most of these other yahoos.

TDUS and the Scherer for Congress Committee by unamimous vote.

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