Friday, August 13, 2010

Scherer's rhetorical question pertaining to solving unlawful immigration

First, I want to pose a rhetorical question regarding unlawful immigration and perhaps suggest an easy solution costing us federal taxpayers zero or minimal dollars.  Sometimes, I forget what we Americans can lawfully do.

Since America is being invaded by foreign enemies (unlawful immigrant troops numbering 10 to 20 million), can't Congress merely declare war on unlawful immigrants? Thereby extending to us lawful citizens of the United States the right to shoot or merely hang unlawful law breakers based on a community's inherent right to merely seek compliance with all laws federal and state?  That thing called concurrent jurisdiction.

Second, since America is basically reverting back to the Wild West Days due to all this unlawful immigration invasion by foreign enemies, we need a judge all over America named Judge Roy Bean.  Sure, we will give you your constitutional rights and fair trial right after the hanging. 

Rhetorically, can't we just hang unlawful immigrants and save all of us the high cost of deporting them over and over again?  I think Judge Roy Bean would say we could. 

Therefore, if you find an unlawful immigrant enemy anywhere in America, just get some rope and hang  them.  Judge Roy Bean said it was ok. And if it was good enough for Judge Roy Bean, the hanging judge of justice, why can't we revert back to his legal theories regarding justice in America? 

Hang them first. Then, when we bury them. And finally at their wake, state now you have all the Constitutional rights you will ever need. Welcome to true American justice, Judge Roy Bean style. 

Right after the funeral, we will grant you amnesty.  And loudly and proudly shout, welcome to America, you foreign enemy of the American people,  We can merely call this plan for these foreign enemies invading our nation post-death constitutionally protected due process of law, Uniquely and purely American.


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