Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yoder still deserves an F for failure to communicate

I got a cell phone call from a staffer with Yoder's office here at my condo here in Florida.  The staffer refused to let me talk to Kevin Yoder.  Nor will Yoder return anyone's phone calls implying he is nariccist that hates to communicate before he is elected to be your congressman.

Now why should we vote for Yoder to be our congressman when he never will call you or me?  What a coward.  So Yoder gets an F for failure to communicate. Naturally, Moore's wife has no qualifications whatsoever to be a congressman.  So it would appear Kansans in the 3rd District are going to be stuck with Narcissist Kevin Yoder as your next congressman.  So get depressed until 2012 when we can get a person running for Congress, that will actually communicate with you, the voter. 

In other news, I finally got the horrible Kansas Court of Tax Appeals (COTA) to issue an order related to my attempts to restore to Kansas homeowners their involiate right to a de novo case in your local state district court where you reside.  Naturally, COTA feebly tries to gloss over my constitutional challenge to the rotten legislation that took this inviolate right.  (Merely read the Kansas Constitution which COTA does not like).

So Thursday, I filed a mandatory petition for reconsideration.  After COTA sweeps that under the rug, then it will be time to ask the Kansas Court of Appeals, a real court of law to find the Substitute for House Bill 2018 (2008) by a pompous Kansas Senator, Tim Owens is unconstitutional for several reasons.  Because it is. 

The Kansas Constitution clearly provides that all Kansans have the inviolate right to a jury trial on equity claims.  Now why COTA does not know this, is amazing.  COTA Panel of judges refused to even answer a simple question I posed for the record. "Are you a court of law?"

 None of the three judges on the panel would answer this question.  Unbelievable.  So, I guess that only leaves me with one option-ask a real court of law, the Kansas Court of Appeals judges what they think of COTA and the Substitute for House Bill 2018.

Now this is an important case.  When the government of Kansas starts taking away our inviolate right to a jury trial, including issues related to Nazi-like real estate tax assessments using this real estate comparables nonsense, we have a huge problem in the state of Kansas.  Hence, why I am so glad I am now in Florida instead. 



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