Monday, August 2, 2010

The Unconstitutional Kansas Court of Tax Appeals misses a critical deadline

I called the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals today related to my efforts to restore to all Kansas homeowners, the right to a de novo trial in their own county courts before judges that reside in the same county.  A direct challenge to some horrible legislation transforming a state administrative agency called the Board of Tax Appeals to the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals.

This horrible court cannot even comply with it's own procedures and has failed to issue a timely order within ninety days of oral argument.  Oral argument was April 30th. It is like this new court under the Executive branch of the Kansas Governor does whatever they like, regardless of our state statutes.  Which includes not issuing orders as required by Kansas Statutes within ninety days of oral argument, as provided in Kansas statutes explicitly, like Chapter  60. 

So, I was hoping to receive that order so I could all the voters and nonvoters a better reason why I should be earning your votes because I am doing real things-not giving political rhetoric like most of these political yahoos.

I honestly believe I have earned your vote simply, because I have done stuff in the past (like helped a Kansas Senator raise the homestead refund amount), filed court cases all over America, and then worked with state and federal elected officials in making changes to state and federal statutes. And I am going to continue to do stuff going forward, regardless of whom gets the most votes tomorrow.  What one has done in the past is a good indicator of what one will do if elected. 

So basically since this unconstitutional court has failed to issue a timely opinion, they effectively have mooted, or made worthless any forthcoming order that I wanted to appeal on several important legal and factual issues. Which includes a challenge to the local option budget being a violation of the 14th Amendment equal protection clause. 

Basically, due to this local option budget, some public schools in Kansas are more equal than others.  Just like it is written in the book, 1984.  Merely compare the JOCO public schools to the schools in WYCO.  Only a liar would state these two counties have equal educational opportunity. 

To date, I have had over 100 court cases all over America including several with the United States Supreme Court. But out of all those cases I have never had a court fail to issue a timely order, ever.  Until now. 

Which further demonstrates the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals was a bad idea from the git-go.  It was not ready for prime time play. It had no jury box to comply with the Kansas Constitution that states a jury trial is inviolate.  And I could go on and on how having a court of law under the direction of the governor is a horrible idea to the citizens and homeowers of Kansas. 

What a messed up court!  This court refused to answer a simple question of whether they were a court of law or not on April 30th.  And that was before a panel of three experienced administrative law judges.  This stupid Substitute Bill suddenly made them law judges instead of being merely administrative law judges.  All of this nonsense is based on the Substitute for House Bill 2018 (2008).

They are law judges. They just were not sure of how to answer a simple question on the record on whether they were a court of law or not.  This is unbelievable.

Only in Kansas could a fusion government be created by legislative tricks.  Since this bill modifying many Kansas statutes made them a court of law, you would think one of the three judges could have timely issued an order as required by statute.

All I can figure is they are waiting for the outcome of the election hoping I will not appeal.  And if that is what they are thinking, boy are they wrong.

Tomorrow is merely an election.  This court case transcends way past any primary election.  And that is why I am so qualified to be your best congressman.  And if tomorrow, I am not, I will continue my true goal of making America a better place for all of us.

That is my promise.


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