Monday, August 9, 2010

Time to set new priorities and methods of making America a Better Place

Having gotten my ahs out of Kansas, now is a good time to change the methods and priorities of making America a better nation.  Stay tuned.

Further, considering Yoder vs. Moore's wife, I am not impressed with either.  Both Yoder and Moore refused to engage me as a candidate in open debate.  So, both get an F when it comes to courage.

When it comes to willingness to communicate over the telephone, Yoder gets an F.  Stephene was more willing to communicate if you tried to call her or go and see here in person.

Regardless, when it comes to political experience, Yoder has it and Moore's wife does not.  Which is probably the more important consideration.  Therefore, if I were a voter regardless of any party affiliation, Yoder takes the election.  I could have beaten Yoder on several fronts.  He has no federal experience what-so-over in ever accomplishing anything at the federal or national level.  Further, he is a rookie candidate so he has to figure out what his job is, when he is elected. 

So meet your congressman, Kevin Yoder.  What he will do is unknown.  The Conservative GOP will not be happy with Yoder, but they will vote for him anyway when their only other option is not vote at all.  A plus for Yoder is his age.  Which is also his weakness. 

In two years, with Moore gone and Yoder not being able to get much accomplished, his chances of being a congressman probably will be limited to two years.  But, who knows.  None of know what Yoder is going to do as a moderate freshman OP candidate taking into consideration he used to be a democrat to boot.  Merely changing his party affilation because he is a blowing in the wind kind of candidate-a RINO. 

Two years from November, I would presume there will be considerable number of candidates challenging him in 2012.  But for now, coming November, Yoder by a large margin of victory over Moore. 


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