Friday, September 30, 2011

Mackruption Based on Bucketed Dollars of Grease

We know from the prior blog, Mack has been greased in excess of 1.2 million to date.  Who did the greasing?  This is a post in progress as I compile the data, which is going to take awhile. So please be patient as I tabulate all these greasy bribes for special interest groups.

So far, the biggest greasers to date for the incumbent are the following special interest groups to which as this post progresses, I will consolidate by PAC type.  For example, a lot of these corporations like financial institutions, health care companies, tobacco and liquor companies, that are all too big to fail, always like to do a lot of greasing.  I am starting this list with most of those that gave 10k of hog fat to start compiling this data. So take these amounts and see why the things you want as an individual do not mean squat to Mackruption.

Greasing Mackruption for 10,000 or more include:

National Beer Wholesalers Association  PAC:         $41,000
AT&T Inc. Federal PAC                                  $32,000
OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC PAC                        $31,000
American Bankers Association PAC                        $25,500
Darden Restaurants Inc. Employees PAC                $20,000
American Medical Association PAC                        $19,000
Comcast Corp. PAC                                               $19,000
Honeywell Corporation PAC                                  $18,000
HSBC North America PAC                                    $15,500
Koch Industries PAC                                              $13,500
American Resort Dvlp. Association                         $13,000
Davita Inc. PAC                                                      $12,500

      Subtotal for  PACS Mackruption Calls Back: $260,000

Cheap PACS only bribing with chump change of 10,000

Americans for For a Republican Majority        $10,000
Republican Majority Fund                               $10,000

National Association of Realtors PAC             $10,000
Radiation Therapy Services, Inc. PAC            $10,000
Rely on Your Beliefs Fund                              $10,000

 Subtotal for cheap PACS that might get a X-Mas Card  $50,000

Cheap PACS that probably do not get that much from Mackruption

Arent Fox LLP (AFPAC)                                             $9,000
Automotive International Free Trade PAC                     $8,000
Home Depot, a measly                                                 $5,000
American College of Radiology Association PAC         $4,500

Stay tuned as I try to get all the greasers ranked by dollar amount
and industry type. Then, just for fun, we are really looking forward
to totaling the amount of pork called earmarks are given by the
alleged "far right fiscal conservative" and his MackPenny Plan.

Clearly, when it comes to grease, MackDollars is a more
correct term for this person who has to be held accountable
for our nation's 14 trillion in federal debt including FL 11.2%
rate of unemployed as reported.

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