Friday, September 9, 2011

Obama Job Plan

Last night, I watched President Obama getting really mad on national TV for good reason-most Americans are tired of his brand of socialism and both his and Congress going around spending our money like a drunken sailor. And further, Obama now states he is going to travel all over-he might as well travel around trying to get re-elected, because-he is not going to get anything accomplished in his last 14 months in Washington DC. 

Now our President is very good at giving speeches full of rhetoric-just like last night.  I have always stated Obama is a good speech giver-just not that a good a politician. We have way too many elected officials in Washington that can give good speeches full of rhetoric, just like Obama.  But, when it comes to doing anything real . . . well, name a good politician, if you can think of any.  The only recent politician people can name is Ronald Reagan.  And that was a long time ago.

Now in regard to Florida and its citizens, another Florida politician during the 2010 election cycle talked about job bio-diversity for the people of FL.  Now I support that kind of thinking, coupled with action on that vision.  Florida needs better job bio-diversity to weather economic booms and recessions.  We need to ensure we provide some new industries and jobs are attracted to FL that boom regardless of the national or state economy. 

So, I am going to do like most people are, and ignore the Obama Job Plan costing all of us another 480 billion and solidly get behind helping the people of FL get job bio-diversity.  The best comment I read today about the Obama Job Plan compared Obama to Wimpie in Popeye.  Buy me a hamburger today, and I will gladly pay you back Tuesday, around 2083.  Now getting the economy rocking and rolling here in Florida by expanding job bio-diversity is part of my congressional campaign.  That is my job.

Ask some of the other candidates what they are going to do to bring jobs to FL?  And then ask the incumbent why he failed to do this over the last 10 years.

We need to let the incumbent know what it is like to be unemployed, watch your 401k plan and your life savings evaporate, on top of having your home stolen from you by a horrible court system from corrupt and incompetent banks out in California, or even worse, here in our native state of Florida.  The voters did not forget, nor will I.

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