Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mackruption: Greasy Mack Bribes from Special Interest Groups

Greasing the fat pig that feeds you back, with pork and special interest legislation. It is always interesting to see which special interest groups like to grease the pig by revealing their PAC contributions to the incumbent.  Which tends to explain why our national economy is in such a mess.

Here is the incumbent's bribes and contributions from special interest groups over the years.  See this site for a list of all his cronies right here at this link: For example, the American Banker's Association loves the incumbent.  Wait until you see how much they have greased the Mackruption.

The greasing for the 2012 election cycle is still pretty light to today's date for the incumbent.  Here are the totals below:

2011-2012:            $72,000
2009-2010:          $157, 230
2007-2008           $297, 700
2005-2006           $319,268
2003-2004           $439,498
Grand Total:                               $1,285,696.  

Then, as we continue this blog post, we will do our best to keep this data up to date as the money from corporations really starts rolling in due to the position of the United States Supreme Court.  It must be good to be the incumbent.  I am sure he looks forward to getting a lot of corporate money, in addition to all the bribes and greasing he already has received from his crony buddies, called PACS; or political action committees.

Furthermore, we are going to do an analysis of why these PACS gave the incumbent to date over a million dollars trying to find what legislation he sponsored. Based on this election cycle, the incumbent has introduced 12 sponsored bills-none of them have been approved by Congress.  So, why do they keep trying to bribe this guy?  He cannot seem to do much, even if you bribe him.  And with today's Florida rate of unemployment being ranked 44th in the nation at 11.2%, why should we thank, much less re-elect this yahoo back to being your congressman?  

Beats us.   Finally, at some point, we are going to also look at the incumbent's record on earmarks also, since Mack claims to be, and and is categorized as a far right fiscal conservative.  Is he?  

Voters of Florida need to know before November, 2012.  Today, his staff in Washington refused to give a residential address in the congressional district for the incumbent. 

We did find however find out today that it appears he owns a condominium at Gulf Harbour located at 15301 McGregor Blvd. Fort Myers, FL, zip code of 33908. The unit is unknown to date.  But, we will find it from Lee County Public Records. We don't really think he spends much time there, or in Florida at all.  We think he likes all his real estate held elsewhere, especially Palm Springs, CA.

We can also tell that he owns other real estate of well.  He owns some real estate in Colorado based on his financial disclosure report filed with the Clerk of the House of Representatives; also available from the Florida Secretary of State web site.  

And we assume more than likely, he also owns with his second wife, some real property in Palm Springs, CA.  Or, maybe she owns the real estate in California because she certainly has a lot money than the incumbent does, as shown by all her royality income and investments in CA in stocks and bonds. Good luck in getting the incumbent to give a full and transparent disclosure.  However, there is always a paper trail. 

Sooner or later, we will access those county records, just like you can do here in Lee County, FL.  Instead of searching public records for Connie Mack IV, use his real name-Cornelius Harvey McGillicuddy. Keeping track of this trickster incumbent is pretty hard considering he does not like using his real legal name unless he has to, which is not very often.

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