Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some talk with lots of rhetoric like Mackruption; whereas Scherer takes action

The incumbent likes to talk a lot.  The incumbent also likes to spend a lot of time in California.

In regard to what I like to do, I like to fight for constitutional rights for individuals that reside in this congressional district.  I have heard a lot of stories related to individuals here in Florida being deprived their constitutional rights to due process and due process of law; such as banks stealing people's homes..

Due process of law does not seem to followed here in Florida's judicial branch.  So, I called SCOTUS docketing supervisor, Jeff Atkins and informed him of what was happening in Florida's judicial system related to a lack of due process and due process of law.

Now, I am tired taking court cases all the way to SCOTUS.  But, if I do not fight for your rights, why would I ask you to vote for me?

I moved to Florida to go fishing and enjoy the weather.  After getting here, and having to endure the Florida judicial system, I feel addressing the rights of Floridians to procedural due process of law a cause worth fighting for--more important than fishing or going to Florida tourist attractions. 

Floridians deserve a far better judicial system here in Florida.

To date, this is one of the worst judicial systems I have ever endured in any state to date.  When I talk with others, including attorneys and judges about the lack of due process here in Florida, they stated to me, "welcome to Florida".  Basically, they are stating constitutional protections in this state mean very little.I do not know about you, but my constitutional rights in Florida, Kansas, or any other state mean a lot.  To all of us.

So, as a candidate for your congressman, it is time to earn your vote by filing soon, another case before the United States Supreme Court trying to ensure this state's judicial branch of the government of Florida stops stealing people's homes for too big to fail banks and returning to compliance with promises made as a condition of statehood long ago.

ts, the better candidate for US Congress. 

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