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2033-One Hundred Year War: The End of Progressive Socialism Era in the United Red States of America

Fairy Tale NO. 1:

2033-One Hundred Year War:
The End of Progressive Socialism Era in the United Red States of America

United we stand, divided we fall.

In a few short years, the progressive socialist movement in the United States of America caused a historic collapse of one of the greatest nations to have ever existed on the planet earth.  So fundamental, so basic, focused on the rights of the individual, with freedoms unlike any other nation before it.  And it was so sad; to watch the last 100 years of progressive socialism destroy what was once the greatest nation known to date.

How did this once great nation become a victim to leaving behind, the intent of its founding fathers and move farther and farther along the path of progressive socialism after doing quite well for a couple of hundred years? What was cause of this nation’s collapse allowing this great nation to merely become a slave nation controlled by foreigners?

It all started during a great economic depression that hit the country in 1929.  Shortly after the first President of the Country’s policies failed to end the great depression, the electorate voted for Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was elected.  (FDR hereafter).  FDR clearly believed the United States Constitution was a “progressive” document that was subject to changing times. 

Further, FDR to deal with the Great Depression and high rate of unemployed started a massive federal takeover of paying individuals to work.  The states lost and forfeited some of their most precious rights to keep the federal government limited to the narrow scope intended by the founding fathers. 

One of FDR’s major changes other than job entitlements through the WPA was the creation of the Social Security Administration System-which continued to grow and grow, taking up more and more federal revenue sources.  In the late 60’s, the SSA program continued to be expanded as more and more Americans became more reliant on their own selfish interests, as compared to merely relying on self, or the right of their state, county and local governments.

As time progressed, the various states, county and local governments also started relying on generous connections with the federal government’s progressive socialism and also demanded a fair share of federal tax revenues to run their varied governments.  And the people were not held accountable directly, for this huge expansion of all levels of government spending.  And due to this, progressive socialism administered by the federal government continued to grow unabated.  

The state, county and local governments concurrently also benefited and grew in their own respective size including doing their own progressive socialism plans to which the people of each governing body merely hoped someone else, but not they would have to pay for all this progressive socialism. 

During lean times since 1933, the federal government merely kept expanding the debt load of this once great nation. And politicians all across the nation merely kept opening their hands out expecting the national government to fund all kinds of projects.  So, the politicians did and they kept getting re-elected, sometimes for decades conditions on how much their electorate benefited, while minimizing federal, state, county and local taxes.  

During the early 21st century, after over 8 decades of progressive and expanding federal progressive socialism, the federal government no longer had the economic viability due to all the mounting trillions of dollars of debt.  So, slowly, there was a huge cutback in the early part of the 21st century that trickled down to state, county and local governments.  There was a massive deterioration of all those things to run the national economic engine. 

If the federal government was not paying for public infrastructure of this great nation, the entire national economy slowly started collapsing.  Jobs were scarce.  People were losing both their jobs and their homes.  Banks refused to loan but the most credit-worthy any financing.

By 2021, several of the states decided to withdraw from the federal government tentacles and form their own national government. Naturally, the national government opposed the formation of independent nation, within its own national borders.  So, there was an internal war fought among the people of the several states-a massive revolution that further caused more debt to be incurred by the massive federal government. 

After a lot of bloodshed, the revolution was put to an end by the declaration of marital law, capital executions, and imprisonment of many of the revolutionary leaders.  However, the entire infrastructure of the nation was in such a sad state, foreign powers took advantage of the dire situation and took over the national government.  

This ended the era of national progressive socialism and the way of life for all Americans including taking away their precious freedoms so many of their forefathers had given their lives for, and that many Americans had taken for granted so long.

United we stood in our own self-interest, and we still fell after 100 years of progressive socialism.

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