Monday, September 26, 2011

Mack the Knife takes money from the sovereign nation of the Morogono Tribe

The Morongo Tribe is a sovereign nation and cannot lawfully be making individual political contributions to filed candidates for United States Congress.  But, that does not stop the incumbent, Connie Mack from taking their political contribution.

Now, the Morongo Tribe probably know they are not supposed to be giving unlawful foreign sovereign contributions to an incumbent congressman's 2012 campaign. So, why does Connie Mack not aware of this.

Further, why would this tribe located in California care about giving money to Mack, a supposed Floridian, even though he spends more time in California than he does in Washington DC or Texas?  Here is some data on the Morongo Tribe.  For data on this tribe, go to

Naturally federal campaign election laws allow a named individual, that is a resident of the United States to make a political contribution.  A foreign nation like the Morongo tribe is neither an individual nor a citizen of the United States and technically cannot lawfully bribe Connie Mack, like they are trying to do here.  And  what did Mack do for this tribe?  Makes one wonder.

Seems to me Connie Mack needs to return the contribution donation received from this Morongo Tribe and then somehow explain why Mack reports this tribal contribution from a foreign sovereign as an unnamed individual on his congressional report located at the Federal Election Commission web site.

See to the individual contributors for Connie Mack and verify an incumbent congressman usually found in California, somehow wants to be re-elected to be your congressman.

The bigger question is why? Maybe Mack the knife should run for either Congress in California, or for the tribal council of the Morongo nation since Mack spends so much of his time out there; instead of taking care of Floridians by doing something positive for our nation by working in Washington DC more often.

Makes sense though.  The Morongo Nation gives some money to one of their own.  Moron Connie Mack.   

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