Thursday, September 1, 2011

Scherer files for United States Congress-14th District Florida

Well, it is time to run for United States Congress, again.  This election cycle, I am going to file for the 14th Congressional District in Florida.  The current incumbent needs to go.  He is responsible for the mess we presently are in, as a nation.

Connie Mack needs to go back to his wife in California.  Everyone say good bye to Connie Mack.  He is going into retirement around November 2012.  That, I am certain.  I cannot even find a person that wants him to be re-elected here in SW Florida.  And for good reason.  His record of sponsored bills is horrible.  12 sponsored bills-none of them became law.  His MackPenny Plan is more of the same kind of political jockeying that we are used to of DC politicians.  

I have several groups that have already stated they will give me their votes.  So, time to start campaigning again and writing about it.  For good reason-for the people of our nation and for the people of the state of Florida-they deserve a better congressman.

And that is my job. So help me God.

Signed and dated this the 1st day of September, 2011. 

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