Wednesday, September 14, 2011

450 billion disposable diapers are used every year worldwide

To put the Obama Job Bill request amount into some kind of context worthy of flushing this bill down the toilet, I goggled the search term "450 billion" and came up with this interesting piece of trivia from this source:

Every year on the planet earth, babies use each year around 450 billion disposable diapers causing 77 million tons of landfill material.  Now, to me that is a load of crap.  Just like the Obama Job Bill.  Both stink and it is estimated it will take around 500 years for both of these two things to decompose.

I also did some research on how many people in the United States are considered unemployed as determined by the Bureau of Labor.  Which first, I feel this need to explain how this data is derived and used by the federal government.  Now the Bureau of Labor takes all the people in the several states unemployment claims and totals this.  Their total is 14 million people are currently collecting unemployment benefits.

So when the federal government publishes their data and calculates the word "umemployed", this is where that data comes from.  Naturally, a lot more people are unemployed and under-employed than that.  Most sources I found estimate the number of unemployed out of a total labor force of 152 million Americans to be around 26 per cent.  Now that is roughly around 40 million people in our nation. 

Now, our federal government does not want to use that real number because it is too embarrassing. So instead, they use 9.1 per cent based on those collecting unemployment benefits based on Bureau of Labor statistics. Regardless, why not just give the 450 billion of your tax dollars to these 40 million people-If you agree with this theory, you most likely will vote for Obama in 2012.

Further, the US Census Department currently estimates our population to be around 312 million people and in the whole world, a rough estimate of the total population on the planet earth is 7 billion people.  Or, as I like to call them, human beings.

So taking Obama's job bill plans, we the taxpayers could take that 450 billion Obama wants to save his presidency chances for re-election and give everyone on the planet earth a check for 65 dollars.  That would help improve our foreign relations across the planet earth.  Naturally, someone also has to pay that 450 billion dollars back somehow.

Which  in our prior post, each citizen of the United States, employed or not, has to somehow pay for this  if this Obama Job Bill goes through, another 1500 in taxes just to cover this 450 billion stupid job bill.  Now that does not include the interest on the 450 billion which this current administration continues to keep real low, to keep the interest payments on the national debt as low as the federal government can.

And because the federal government including the politicians want to keep interest rates artificially low on purpose, that is why your bank will not loan you, or anyone else any money unless your credit score is around 800-basically perfect credit score. And the only people that have that kind of credit score are those that are already so deep in debt, theit credit cards and loans are maxed out.  Yet, they keep paying provided they have a job and are not unemployed and not wearing disposable diapers, yet.

So, I continue to believe our national economy is going to stay in the toilet until the federal government stops keeping interest rates artificially low.  Then, when interest rates start climbing, you as a citizen of this country can start borrowing money again because the banks start making bigger profits making America return to a period of prosperity.  Now some economists do not agree with this theory. But if we believed everything these Keyesian economists tell us, how come we are still in a major recession?

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