Friday, September 23, 2011

Lessons from Kansas: Can we solve partisianship and political gridlock

Many Americans are very unhappy with both the President and both houses of Congress not doing much of anything, except blaming others for the difficult situation our nation's citizens have to continue to endure due to gridlock and partisanship politics.

While I lived in Kansas, we had a similar problem in the context of funding public education.  The state politicians in Kansas did not want to lose elections so they refused to raise to taxes necessary to fund public education. 

However, kind of hidden from the voting public, they did raise other taxes because all governments have this tendency to continue to feed the beast of government, at whatever level-local to national.  And naturally, this is one of the major issues of the Tea Party Movement-dysfunctional governments that continue to want to expand just like an expanding galaxy or spiral.

So, some parents concerned about the lack of courage of the state politicians sued the school district.  This gave a state district judge the authority to issue a court order to the Kansas legislature to properly fund what the cowardly politicians, only concerned about getting re-elected would not do-fund public education.

So maybe as a candidate for United States Congress, here in FL I too am looking for ways to effectively get our federal politicians including the President of the United States a method to break political gridlock and end political partisanship, in order to make citizens of the United States, happier-which is my role as a candidate for your United States Congress.

So in effect, applying lessons I learned from Kansas, someone or some entity needs to sue someone.  Then, a member of the judiciary will have the power to end gridlock, judicially.  So, I suggest either the President of the United States, or Congress sue the other to resolve all this political jockeying ruining our nation.

If these two branches of our federal government cannot reach a compromise, a civil approach is go to the judicial branch of government and sue someone.  Nothing wrong with letting a judge decide what our politicians should be doing for our nation, including us, the citizens of the United States of America. 

In the alternatively, when two parties cannot reach a compromised agreement, sometimes judges order parties to binding arbitration/mediation.  Why not the President of the United States and our current Congress go to arbitration or mediation?  Or alternatively, just sue each other and let a judge decide.

Why will they not do, what they want us citizens to do.  Resolve disputes and move forward.  Instead of staying stuck in political. gridlock causing the rest of us citizens of the United States to suffer.

There is always a solution to any given problem.  And until we, the citizens of the United States demand a solution be found, this is what I am proffering.  

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