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Federal Entitlements-A Hot Button Political Issue

It seems warranted to discuss a hot button topic on federal entitlements.  With some basics.  What is an entitlement and how many federal entitlements are there?  For starters.Part of my job as a a federal candidate for United States Congress is to provide information to the electors, voters, and non-voters of the 14th Congressional District for the great state of Florida.  And this explains where about two trillion of our tax dollars are spent each and every year.

The best source for federal entitlements that I found is located at this link:  If you access this web link, you should see a huge list of federal entitlement programs funded by the federal government.  There is a lot of data here on what your federal tax dollars are going under this word "entitlement".

Now my goal in running for US Congress in Florida is to be aware of what entitlements FL is eligible for, and then further determine if I should apply for that entitlement on behalf of the 14th Congressional District as a statesman focused on what is best for our nation, overall.  So to keep this blog posting short, I want to first give you the link. Second, define what a federal entitlement is.

And then list the highest funded entitlements in America.  Then and finally, listen to those that can give me input on what the people of my congressional district, the state of Florida and the people of the United States want to happen to entitlements that are federally funded presently and what you want to me to do as both a congressional candidate and congressman elect to do with your federal tax dollars.

To define what an entitlement is, as defined, just google the term on your computer.  There are plenty of topical discussions on what an entitlement is.  As well as plenty of links on the term including social engineering from many leading authorities discussing the word, entitlement, and what it means in the context of social engineering policy from FDR (progressive socialist)  to Karl Marx (who believed no individual owns property).

So to keep this post brief, but yet provide you with some relevant data from the source provided above in this post, I just want to aggregate or distill some of the federal entitlement programs costing us taxpayers the most money in billions of dollars so you can be more informed, or alternatively inform me of which entitlement programs you want the federal government to no longer fund because it is clearly not a function of the federal government to do such entitlements based on our United States Constitution, as written.

I reject progressive socialism as espoused by FDR during the Great Depression who theorized the US Constitution was "progressive".  I am a hard core Constitutionalist and believe our founding fathers were far wiser than FDR and his theories of progressive socialism. FDR believed our United States Constitution was an evolving or progressive document-A concept many of us in this nation reject.  I also have to reject progressive socialism as espoused by the current President of the United States.  I am a not a socialist, but I am an empathic and compassionate statesman politically.

Regardless of this lengthy introduction, below is a list of the largest federal entitlements that are worthy of mentioning explicitly in the billions of dollars.  Those below one billion are worth a discussion, but for the moment, I am going to limit this posting to those entitlements in excess of a billion dollars in no particular order at this early stage, subject to revision as I organize this data on entitlements:

No. 1: Several grants for Social Security, 490 billion.
No. 2: Medicare Entitlements under four programs roughly 306 billion
No. 3: Medical Assistance Program, 177 billion
No. 4: Veterans Housing and Guaranteed Loans, 52  billion.
 No. 5: Rural Electrification, 32 billion.
 No. 6: Various Grants to Native Americans, around 21 billion
 No. 7: Section 8 Housing, 3 grants totaling around 20 billion
 No. 8: Food Stamps, 19.6 billion
 No. 9 Special Education Grants, around 11 billion
No. 10: Small Business Loans, 10 billion.
 No. 11: Commodity Loans and Loan Deficiencies, 9.5 billion
 No. 12: Agriculture under many programs:  Crop Ins. and Farm Operating Loans, 7.6 billion
 No. 13:  Head Start, 6.7 billion
 No. 14: Federal Transit Capital Operating Grants 4.6 billion
No. 15: Single Familly Property Disposition, 4.5 billion
No. 16: Production Payments for Certain Contract Commodities, 4 billion.
No. 17: Milk Income Assistance Program, 4 billion
No. 18: Capitalization Grants for Clean and Drinking Water for the states, roughly 2 billion
No. 19: Child Support Enforcement, 4.3 billion
No. 20: Federal Transit Formula Grants, 3.8 billion
No. 21: Veteran Prescriptions, 3.6 billion.
No. 22: Improving Teacher Quality State Grants,  2.9 billion.
No. 23: Pensions for non-service connected disabled vets, 2.5 billion 
No. 24: Homeland Security Grants, 2.2 billion.
 No. 25: Public Housing Capital Fund, 2.1 billion
No. 26: Veterans Nursing Care, 2 billion

No. 27: Home Investment Partnership Program, 2 billion

No. 28: National Institute of Child Health, 1.8 billion

Those are just some of the entitlements costing us taxpayers close to two trillion dollars each year. I did not even include all of the entitlements costing more than a billion.   You are welcome to reach your own conclusions here about why our nation is going broke. My rough count on these 30 entitlement programs above are 1,208,100,000,000 out of the total 2 trillion in entitlements.  Or, written out which kind of looks cool since you are writing the check for this amount.

One trillion,two hundred eight billion, 100 million dollars and no cents (rounded).

I will revise this post as time allows because there is a lot of good data that is going to be contained in this blog post for you, to consider as a federal taxpayer having to choose who is going to be your next US Congressman. I will probably sort them from high to low when I get some more time to work on this little blog entry.  I highly suggest you look at the link and see where all your money is being spent.  I was and remain in a state of shock.  Just like you will be. 

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