Monday, September 12, 2011

Math Riddle: How Many People Can You Hire With 470 billon dollars?

OK-Today's Obama Job Bill Riddle: 

How many people can you hire to do nothing but play Farmville on Facebook all day with 470 billion dollars of  new debt owned by the people of the United States; assuming you are going to hire all the people currently living in the US, roughly knowing there are around 300 million of us?

So, 470,000,000,000 (in billions) divided by 300,000,000 (in millions) is the equation to put in your calculator.  I can't do the math on my calculator because my calculator does not like working with billions because it is is a cheap calculator.  Heck, too many zeros.

I need to simplify the equation by dropping some zeros-so to make this simpler, let us drop off 8 zeros from both huge numbers leaves me with 4700 divided by 3; just like most politicians do.  Now this is lot easier to work with.

So we roughly calculate a lot easier using that number 4,700 divided by the total population of the United States (3).   That gives me the number 1567 rounded off.

So roughly, instead of the United States trying somehow trying to  create jobs again, just like Obama tried two years ago wasting us taxpayers 800 billion, we could give every person in the United States 1, 567 dollars in some kind of tax refund to every citizen residing in the United States. Now to answer the riddle, we could pay every person in the United States 470 billion dollars in total, or 1, 567 dollars for everyone in America to play Farmville on Facebook.

And what is the cost to do that?  Everyone in the United States merely has to take on a  future debt of 470 billion plus interest to pay back over the next ten years.  And that is the answer to the Obama Job Riddle.
So let us check our math like I was taught in grade school.  Does 300,000,000 x 1,567 dollars equal 470 billion.  Yes, it does.

Now if this makes economic and political sense to you, you will vote for Obama to be elected President of the United States again, because basically, you are pretty damn stupid person to believe this kind of political nonsense, not once, but twice making you a fool.

In conclusion, how would this positively impact me on Farmville?  I would certainly have a lot bigger farm and 300 million new Farm buddies on Farmville so I could finally build a lot better hog pen for all them hogs I keep breeding. Anyway, time to go.  I have to harvest all my crops on my farm so I can feed all those darn pigs.

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