Friday, September 9, 2011

Campaign Slogan No. 1-Get Rid of the MackPenny Plan-Send Mack Back to California Plan

One of my campaign slogans is Get Rid of the MackPenny Plan by sending the incumbent back to California.  I cannot find one person, other than Mack who wants him to be re-elected again to the United States Congress.

I recently checked for bills sponsored by the incumbent.  12 sponsored bills-none approved.  Thank the incumbent and tell him what you think about that.

Then, ask him what is the probability of his MackPenny Plan getting approved by Congress.  Anything more than zero is a high probability.

Then, I keep listening to my CD playing Mack, the Knife by Bobbie Darin.  Especially that line in the song about shark bait.  Which reminds me again of Mack and why we need to send him back to California. Mack has been stabbing in the back a long time ruining our nation financially to the benefit of his favored special interest groups-corporations and the super-rich.

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