Friday, October 29, 2010

The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself; that and progressive socialism.

In  his 1934 Presidential inauguration speech by FDR, he stated clearly "the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself". 

To which I merely add, that and progressive socialism started by FDR. 

Like what FDR started in 1934, progressive socialism that keeps growing more and more with each new batch of yahoo politicans.  There has never been any abatement of progressive socialism since 1934.  In this speech (which I previously posted on this blog), FDR also threw out adherence to the United States Constitution. Hence, creating the term progressive implying our United States Constitution should change with the passage of time. Which was a horrible idea. 

We have been dealing with this progressive socialist expansion ever since.  Until we are where we are today--one brokeass federal government and our national economy is not looking that great either because of all this progressive socialism. Which is in direct contradiction to the limited purposes of a federal government.

Now we do not have to fear terrorists from Yemen.  Like this situation dealing with cargo planes being searched.  We Americans do not live in fear.  We deal with those that try to terrorize us.  And we will deal with this new round of testing cargo planes and other form of terrorism by any enemy of we the people, foreign or domestic.

In regard to something more dangerous, we have to worry and deal with some of the domestic progressive terrrorists, aka democrats  . . . well  we Tea Party patriots are taking care of some of those socialists Tuesday at the election.  So, they are the ones that should have fear. 

While I was in DC this week, I took the Metro Rail system.  The same one some crazy terrorist made details photographs of.  So some other nutjob could plant a bomb.  I took the Metro including the one at Pentagon City since I stayed in Arlington VA during my trip. 

When I got on the metro rail, I thought to myself, this would be a good place for a terrorist.  And when I got back to FL Wednesday, the news stations were broadcasting about this dude being arrested for giving plans to a terrorist organization that included bombing the rail station at Pentagon City.

Who cares?  I am not going to live my life in fear.

 I am not in charge of my fate and destiny anyway. So why should any of us including myself worry about any crazy terrorists.  The only thing we might consider having fear of this election cycle is that we do not get rid of all the progressive socialist yahoo politicians in 2010. 

But do not have any fear about it.  We will get rid of the rest of those yahoo progressive socialists in the 2012 election cycle.

In closing, progressive socialism is dead and our United States Constitution endures.

Just like our founding fathers intended.

Endnote: Since Halloween starts tonight, it is ok to pretend to be afraid of ghosts, vampires, old girlfriends, mother-in-laws, ex-wifes and Nancy Pelosi  dressed up in hideous costumes for Halloween.

But the reality is we courageous Americans do not have fear.  We deal with those who try to scare us.  Including addressing scary progressive socialists at Tuesdays' election.  So have a Happy Fearless Halloween.


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