Saturday, October 16, 2010

Next Sunday, it is off to Hell-Washington

Next Sunday, I get my arse on da plane and fly to the hellhole of DC.  Naturally, to argue a case before the Board of Veterans Appeals on why vets should get a cost reimbursement when they are the prevailing party.  Just like SCOTUS keeps stating. 

I find it a tad bit ironic attorneys representing vets get a cost reimbursement; while vets incurring costs do not get squat.  In direct contradiction to SCOTUS.  Now the VA likes to argue since the  VA adjudication is not an adversarial  one, vets do not get any cost reimbursement. 

Now this is costing me over 800 bucks.  And since I am dropping a lot of dimes here, I might as well stay in this hellhole a few extra days and go to the SCOTUS, Congress and just for fun, the Kennedy Performing Arts Center.  So thanks, we the people for paying  for this entertainment center so the DC yahoo politicans have somewhere to go in hell.

Further, I filed an appeal with the Kansas Court of Appeals from a final order from the horrible Kansas Court of Tax Appeals that hates the inviolate constitutional right to a de novo trial in state district court on really absurb real estate tax assessment.  Including the right to demand a jury trial related to the same. 

Which thanks to Kate Gillegan Sebelius, she wanted to become despot and create her very own court under her dictatorship so she alone would get to control real estate tax asssessment so she could fund people like Tiller the Killer.  Thank Jesus and God she got on her broom and flew out of Kansas making both DEMS and GOP people happy and united for once.

Finally, I have some other crap I am working on here in Florida.  Do I miss Kansas?  Get real.  I live in Florida 3 miles from the beach.  Which certainly is better than living 5 miles from the Kansas River.  What do you think?  Speaking of the beach, heck with blogging. I am going to go to Ft. Myers Beach and hang out.  Why not?

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