Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time to Boycott CNN: Why CNN needs a new CEO

Obama's CNN is really getting on my nerves. 

No wonder so many are learning to ignore their media drivel.  What used to be unbiased source of news has slowly and gradually become the enemy of we, the people. 

Why is CNN advocating so hard for progressive socialism? 

What can we expect next from CNN?  Hiring Whoopie and Joy Behar from the View as co-anchors?

Can CNN get any worse?  Like Obama supporters like to state, yes it can

Maybe it just might be the right time to switch the channel until CNN gets a new CEO that is conservative, likes Edward Morrow and returns to merely reporting the news; instead of spinning the news it wishes was.

We should all boycott CNN until it returns to being a reliable and unbiased source of news.

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