Friday, October 15, 2010

What would Jesus do about the Federal Reserve?


Most of us know Jesus was no fan of the moneychangers.  Like the Federal Reserve.  If Jesus were here, he would throw Ben Bernake and his cohorts out of the temple.  For good reason. 

The Federal Reserve, this unlawful fourth branch of the federal government loves to manipulate the economy and cause huge economic cycles.

The reasons behind the Federal Reserve causing these huge economic cycles is several. One of the worst reasons is to allow money managers too big to fail to get your life savings. For example, this mortgage crisis stealing your home equity. 

Now these yahoos at the Federal Reserve are no dummies.  The way Bernake sees it, by keeping interest rates articificially low, we the people have to ask who benefits by the Federal Reserve monetary policy?  Clearly, it is not us, the people.

Second, since the federal government's interest payments on the federal debt are kept artificially low, the federal government at your expense, can keep interest payments low on this huge debt.  So, clearly the federal government benefits by these phoney-baloney interest rates.

Third, the rich benefit from artificially low interest rates.  As well as take advantage of huge economic swings in the economy.  The rich love the huge swings as merely another opportunity for them to screw us, we the people. 

Hence, I am pretty certain Jesus would ask his dad, God to send the Federal Reserve Chairman Bernake and Treasury Secretary Tim straight to hell.

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