Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another example of what is wrong in America-Laura McConwell, Mayor Mission Kansas

I just tried to call the part time mayor of Mission Kansas, Laura McConnell.  One of the hazards of running for US Congress is law enforcement officials that do not want a fiscal conservative like me to get elected because my promises related to their city not getting any earmarks from a candidate like myself.

So, this is one of the inherent risks of running for United States Congress.  Retaliation by local enforcement officials like that of Mayor Laura McConnell and her horrible Court Clerk.  Here is what Laura, mayor of Mission Kansas just wrote to me related to my being harrassed during the 2010 election cycle.

"Mr. Scherer - You need to communicate with the prosecutor regarding any negotiation you made, and your concern that it's not been followed. Thanks, Mayor McConwell"

I merely asked Laura to give me this prosecutor's phone number.  Which Laura refuses to provide completing the Catch 22.  Now this is a perfect example of some local official doing what is called a "burden shift." Shift the responsbility from their shoulders to someone else without giving sufficient information on how to accomplish what is suggested.

Here I am in Florida trying to get this harassment by the City of Mission Kansas resolved.  So naturally, first I go to the city manager of Mission Kansas, Mike Scanlon, my old nemesis when I first ran for city council back in 1998 against him in the city I used to live in-Merriam, Kansas.

Now Scanlon being the weasel he was and remains refuses to call me, or pick up the phone when I call him.  So, I send an email to his boss, the mayor, Laura McConwell.  To which she tells me to call someone else-the city prosecutor but refuses to give the attorney's phone number in several emails.

So, I want make this kind of bureaucratic nonsense made public.  Send Laura an email.

Here is her email address.  Tell her to stop being a bureaucrat because that is one of the many problems we all have to deal with far too often. 

Send her an email to: Laura McConwell, C/O City of Mission Kansas.  For Laura only comes to work some of the time.  Next on the bureaucrat list, Quinn Bennion, City Administrator, City of Prairie Village, Kansas.  For him and Laura must belong to the same club.  The Bureaucrat Club. 

Multiply this kind of bureaucracy all over America with every municipal government being exactly the same-messed up and bureaucratic-until it comes time for re-election. While the rest of us merely shout Tea Party Time.    

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