Friday, October 22, 2010

New Game-How to screw we the people some more!

I decided just for fun to pretend that I am some yahoo Democratic politican and my goal is to figure out how to raise money or reduce expenses for some federal, state, county or local government by any means necessary until progressive socialism has become the mindset of the public. 

So, being almost as creative as the Dem plans to take over 1/6th of the economy with Obamacare, crap and trap trying to tax or utilities for the air we breathe, and then giving our money to companies too big to fail (sallie, freddie, mortgage companies, banks and Wall St., How can I top this?

Anyway, my top ten creative plan to screw you, or better stated, we the people some more, here is my best at being even more ridiculus then the Democrats:.

No. 10-Charge everyone a tax of one cent every time they log into a social media company like Facebook or MySpace.

No. 9 Create a tax and give it a clever name like Saving America Tax or the Fair Tax (for the mortgage and banking industry) and only make it be on the poorest and middle class America as a sales tax on every purchase and service in America; but not the rich because even the Socialist Democrats do not want to mess with thier benefactors and crony contributors.

No. 8 Make anyone claiming any entitlements ever, to pay a 500% tax on any amount received including making it apply retroactive to the founding of our nation.

No. 7 Create a health care rationing plan called comparative medicine that operates on the principle if you are not working and are getting any federal entitlements, you get charged 20 times the normal rate. And if you are dying, 6900 times the normal rate.  We in the government do not want to pay for your lazy arse and would rather you die to get you off the public rolls.

No.6 Mandate for the insurance lobbyists, everyone including your pets must have a public health insurance policy or else you, your spouse, your children and your dog Spike will  be executed without notice.

No. 3 Raise Social Security retirement age to 150 and modify as necessary until no one is getting any.

No. 2.  Raise Medicare eligibility age to 700, just to be on the safe side.

No. 1 Tax taxes and install tolls booths at your home requiring you to pay tolls for every block driven as determined by government GPS tracking systems.

The next five willl be posted as soon as I can figure out a better progressive socialist con scheme ever considered in the entire history of mankind until everyone is a member of the Communist Party, comrade. Or merely wait until Nancy Pelosi calls me back with her new schemes to screw us all.

 I must think like a Democrat.

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