Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obama and Scherer were at the White House Yesterday

Both President Obama and I were at the White House yesterday.  The President was relaxing upstairs; while I was trying to make America a better place downstairs.  The President certainly has some nice plants, some cool art and nifty furniture at his White House.  However, the President and I did not get to meet and talk to each other.  Which is unfortunate.

I merely wanted to tell the President to stop spending your money.  As well as tell him to get the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service to give me my federal tax credit the IRS owes me.  In fact, I tried to go inside the Treasury Building right next to the White House to ask Treasury Tim where is my money owed to me.

The Secret Service would not let me go talk to Treasury Tim which is also unfortunate.  And had I had that opportunity, I would have told both him and Obama to raise interest rates to get the national economy back on the right track of economic prosperity.  It is so fundamental.

Raise interest rates, banks will stop hoarding cash and loan businesss money again, requiring labor to be hired to rebuild our national infrastructure. A third grader could understand that.  Until interest rates are raised, our national economy is going to be a zero sum game of no economic prosperity, no jobs and more stagnation and deflation.

Frankly, there is huge list of  things I could have offered solutions to the President had he come downstairs and talked with me.  He did not.  So our federal governent  continues to be in the horrible mess it finds itself in. Naturally, this is due to the lack of statemen and way too many yahoo politicans. 

A statesman focuses on his nation, it's future economic prosperity and listens to the will of the people.  A politican merely focuses on elections.  So, maybe President Obama should have someone tell him this and instead of trying to get Dems that ruined our national economy re-elected, President Obama should stay at the White House and focus on fixing our federal government. 

Why he is spending so much time focused on the Novemember election is a complete waste of his time and merely indicates he is merely another politican and not a stateman. 

Obama misssed his chance to consult with me yesterday while I was at his White House.  If he wants to communicate with me on solutions for our federal government, he is going to have to fly to my house down here in Estero, FL.

I went to his house and he does not even come downstairs to say hi.

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